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Sryth Locations

Sryth Locations review ç eBook or Kindle ePUB This book consists of articles from Wikia or other free sources online Pages 43 Chapters Adrimar's Cottage Adventurers' Collective Ashlyre Baomar's Cabin Barrow Loch Bentlimb Wood Borimm's Forest Hall Castle Baleward Central Tysa Crow Hill Deadwater Shoals Deepwell Dor Droat Durnsig Eastern Tysa Elm Gnoll Fang Ridge Fenmarch Fogbough Forest Foxfell Forest Graldok Hart Hills Hawklor Highmeadow Hirdzaw Bridge Iron Crown Isle Ironmark Spur Jagged Hills Kingdom of Tysa Kolnia Kurthyl Rise Kyul Thanor Lake Ironrain Lyrelocke Monastery Marl's Wood Meglasmire Mirgspil Moonpath Moonshore Crossroads Moonwolf's Camp.

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Sryth Locations review ç eBook or Kindle ePUB Arm Zorliarn the Sage Zumryn's battlegrounds Excerpt Below are the locations within Ashlyre You can speak with the proprietor Tharjur Currently no uests or events open up from speaking with him yet but he does hint at informing you of any new developments This building is locked up and abandoned You can speak with Vorunn the head of the town's militia Again no uests or events are available as of yet This is a new style explorable area Max explorations is 30 and you get 20 additional explorations at each reset You do NOT receive additional explorations from skills or powers While exploring Ashlyre you may e.

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Sryth Locations review ç eBook or Kindle ePUB Northeast Tysa Northern Tysa Northwest Tysa Old North Wood Phak Rur Phernwin Wood Port Hallik Saarngard Isle Saarngard Keep Sageholt Sevenhorn Silverwysp Southeast Tysa Southern Tysa Southfoot Southtrod Glen Southwest Tysa Stonevale Stormfield Talinus Tar Lake Tarkhald Crypt Thanevale The Dragonhill Fields The Goblinclaw Inn The Griffon Crags The Hidden Lair The Ironshore Hollows The Painted Peddler The Ruins of Tarramyre The Seacliffs The Stonehills The Withered Hills The Withering Wood Thulwy Trithik Trollneck Trynd Keep Tryndmoor Well of Blades Western Tysa Westmere Westwold Wintereye Lake Wurmwrit's F.

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