(Bob Stevenson) [Free] á Richard Wiley

  • Paperback
  • 224
  • Bob Stevenson
  • Richard Wiley
  • English
  • 23 January 2020
  • 9781942658160

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Bob Stevenson Summary ´ 100 Richard Wiley Í 0 Summary Ime they get to the streetWho is the mysterious man Is he Archie B Billingsly suffering from dissociative identity disorder and subject to brilliant flights of fancy and bizarre violent fits Or is he the reincarnation of Robert Louis Stevenson back to haunt New York as Long John Silver and Mr Edward Hyde Her career compromised Ruby soon learns that her future and that of her unborn child depend on finding the key to his identity With compelling psychological descriptions a I really need to think about this before I rate it I m torn

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Bob Stevenson

Bob Stevenson Summary ´ 100 Richard Wiley Í 0 Summary “A witty roller coaster ride of uncertain identity set against the gritty certainties of New York City In compelling unadorned prose Richard Wiley gives us a bewitching and ultimately moving tale” Caryl Phillips author of A Distant Shore and The Lost ChildDr Ruby Okada meets a charming man with a Scottish accent in the elevator of her psychiatric hospital Unaware that he is an escaping patient she falls under his spell and her life and his are changed forever by the t This is one of those books that refuses to be pigeonholed Not a read you can skim through What made the book interesting for me were the many characters Some of whom occupied the same body Relationships are unclear Missing pieces make it difficult to piece things together Or even feel reliable as new information keeps changing the game This won t be everyone s cup of tea but I enjoyed it as I m particularly fascinated with Disassociative Identity Disorder formally known as multiple personalities Thank you to the publisher for the free copy of this book in exchange for my honest review

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Bob Stevenson Summary ´ 100 Richard Wiley Í 0 Summary Nd terrifying ineffable transformations Bob Stevenson is an ingenious tale featuring a uirky cast of characters drawn together by mutual fascination need and finally loveRichard Wiley is the author of eight novels including Soldiers in Hiding winner of the PENFaulkner Award for Fiction and Ahmed’s Revenge winner of the Maria Thomas Fiction Award Professor emeritus at the University of Nevada Las Vegas he divides his time between Los Angeles California and Tacoma Washingt I received an ARC in exchange for an honest and fair reviewThis book was many things Fascinating original somewhat confusing and incredibly well written I m uite familiar with DID Dissociative Identity Disorder as I spent a decent amount of time in a Clinic that specializes in treatment of DID and DD Dissociative Disorder The story begins with Dr Ruby Okada sharing the elevator with a man as she s leaving the psychiatric hospital where she works She s immediately drawn to him inexplicably so She s compelled to keep talking to him to stay in his presence while not being able to put her finger on exactly why she s so taken with him or why he won t answer her when she asks who he is From there the story jumps to seven months later with Ruby pregnant with the man in uestion s child From there we learn that the man in uestion is known by many names and personalities The man Ruby fell in love with goes by the name of Bob but he also manifests the personalities of Archie B Billingsly Edward Hyde Long John Silver Dr Livesey and others The majority of the book he insists that he is Robert Bob Louis Stevenson no longer dead reincarnated I suppose His many personalities are at times hard to follow as their appearances are brief and almost unexplained I m usually not a fan of books with flashbacks I find them jarring if they re not done well enough and honestly I just don t like them They annoy me But in this book I think flashbacks would have helped immensely It was confusing to follow Ruby s struggle to crack the case of who exactly the man she fell for and conceived a child with is without having any of Ruby s memories of the weeks she spent with Bob Even if they were just a page long I think it would have helped to know the man she is comparing all of the other personalities to It s hard to look for someone if you don t know who you re looking for That makes sense right I thought the writing itself was wonderful The characters were well developed and the dialogue flowed This book is filled with complex characters and an incredibly hard to describe plot yet it was easy to read and uite fun I really enjoyed it There is the slightest hint of the magical that made this book special and I m very glad I read it