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  • 06 January 2020
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FREE DOWNLOAD Õ Dream Fossil E into the early stages of Kon's uniuely compelling style of storytelling The buds of dream like themes and imaginative worldviews that would blossom in his. final rating of the collection 35 rated a 4 with hopes that raising the score will convince people to read the late Kon s work even if it isn t his bestI don t think it s worth wasting my breath on the stories I wasn t fond of like most of Kon s work Dream Fossil mixes slice of life magical realism sci fi humor and an attempt at sincerity through interesting stories there aren t any in this collection that are real stand outs against his films but as a means to an introduction into Kon s style they re filled with whimsy and interesting takes on relatively mundane narratives as a reader and a viewer of his works you can see the transference and microgenres that Kon implements into his films being born between the 500 pages of Dream Fossil His work on Akira definitely shows in a few of the stories especially Picnic which seems to be in direct relation to Akira and the last two Toriko Prisoner which feel like an abstract of where the universe built in Akira could bring us some of the real stand outs in this collection are Joyful Bell which feels like a predecessor to his work Tokyo Godfathers Day has Dawned a short and fun work on childhood anxiety and combating that with friends and Guests which masterfully uses pages to create tension and humor for the reader while they aren t masterful or even incredibly memorable they really show off some of Kon s skills as both an editor and his transferable skills that reads much better on filmmy only real disappointment is that Kon s artwork never evolved past the mid 80 s Akira art style he manages to syphon out a few environmental details and pieces of background sets that are really a pleasure to look at but it s obvious that Kon utilized manga as a means for thematic and narrative story telling Dream Fossil is worth a read considering it s a relatively short read if you re interested in manga anime or comics or are even considering understanding how one of the best directors of the 21st century managed to edit and write his work outside of film Dream Fossil is a doorway into another world

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FREE DOWNLOAD Õ Dream Fossil Later animated works are also readily apparent Yet the flights of fancy are anchored by knowing empathetic portrayals of the very human nature of each stor. I can only agree with what others have said reasonably competent short often humourous seuential art stories Pleasent enough for what they are but there s little here to hint at the sheer brilliance of this young mangaka that would characterise his Anim The last panel of the one with the runaway granny did get a good laugh out of me though


FREE DOWNLOAD Õ Dream Fossil Dream Fossil is a collection of 15 short stories by the late Satoshi Kon These stories serialized in a variety of magazines in the 1980's give a rare glimps. I wanted to like this I really did I love Satoshi Kon and some of his manga work such as Tropic of the Sea are legitimately wonderful But Dream Fossil is some of his earliest work from the 80s before he really matured as a storyteller The art is satisfactory and serviceable with some legitimately great moments but the storytelling is rushed and page layouts are cramped It s as though he s trying to cram as much as humanly possible into these short stories instead of dialing them back somewhat and letting them breatheIt doesn t help that the translation and lettering are legitimately awful One of the points of translating work from other languages is the localization bringing it into a meter and idiom that feels right for it s target audience The translation here feels like a word for exact word process that leaves everything feeling awkward and stilted The lettering doesn t help with this it fills the word balloons awkwardly it s badly laid out and while it may not be Comic Sans it s definitely in the same font family Look at how Dark Horse or Viz handle the lettering for their translated manga it works far FAR better Unless you re an absolute Satoshi Kon completest I wouldn t recommend this