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  • Dragonsbane
  • Barbara Hambly
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  • 17 August 2020
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Read & Download Dragonsbane µ PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook Barbara Hambly Ô 0 Read & Download Free read Dragonsbane E feat againWith them to guard them on the haunted trip south went Jenny Waynest a half taught sorceress and mother of Aversin's sonsBut at the decadent Court nothing was as expected Rebellion threatened the land Zyerne a sorceress of seemingly unlimited power held the King under. 35 stars though not sure if I should round up for the subversive narrative and character driven writing style because I feel like I should judge this book by the standards of the time period in which it was written the 80s and not judge it by what I normally likeprefer in high fantasy books written much later in the 90s and beyondEven though it s called Dragonsbane and the Dragonsbane is a knight named John Aversin the whole story is told from the perspective of his mageborn partner Jenny It s through her that we see and come to understand this Medieval Scotland inspired world the magic within it and the dragons And it s through her that we see the hardship of the mageborn and we see who holds the true power in this story and in this worldAs for John he s not only a knight but a country knight and a pig farmer too which comes much to the surprise of Gareth the crown prince when he comes seeking the Dragonsbane to slay the dragon John is not at all what he expected and all the hopes and dreams he had of the Dragonsbane as a noble knight in shiny armor are shattered upon their first meeting It s uite funny I laughed all the way through that first scene of them together and afterward every time John speaks there s cause for snickeringJohn and Jenny have been together for awhile they have two sons and have slain a dragon together All in all they ve been through a lot together and there s a sense of ease strength and security in their relationship the kind that can withhold all kinds of storm together You don t often see this kind of lasting bond in genre fiction and it s yet another thing that sets it apart from other of its kind Although neither John nor Jenny is what we expect of a knight and mage Gareth the crown prince is exactly what we expect of a sheltered inexperienced starry eyed young prince At least in the beginning of the story he s like that After meeting John and Jenny he comes face to face with the reality of his dragon problem and grows up uickly And then he accompanies them on their uest to slay the dragon and grows up some so that by the end of the uest there isn t that much of that starry eyed young prince left in him for which I was grateful because that guy was annoying especially when looked at from Jenny s perspectiveThe only weak link in this story that I could find is the man eater antagonist Zyerne She s a bit too muahahahaha for my taste I prefer villains to be subtle and to withhold information instead of flaunting it Unfortunately Zyerne is definitely in the flaunt it camp There s not much depth or complexity to her and I wished there had been layers or sides or personality Something to give her purpose than just being the force of darkness out to get our heroes I liked this book a lot upon first finishing it than I do now But now Now that I ve some time to process the story as a whole my interest and enjoyment of it is waning I think it s the combination of the slow pace it took over half the book for me to get into the story and characters and Zyerne s shallow characterization that kept me from being fully engaged But since this is the first book of the series I understand the necessity of the slow pace and gradual world building effort Barbara Hambly had put in to lay the groundwork for the rest of the seriesOne of my favorite scene is Gareth meeting John for the first time and realizing he s the Dragonsbane Still Gareth had not spoken Aversin interpreting his silence and the look on his face with his usual fiendish accuracy said I d show you my dragon slaying scars to prove it but they re placed where I can t exhibit em in publicIt said worlds for Gareth s courtly breeding and Jenny supposed the peculiar stoicism of courtiers that even laboring under the shock of his life and the pain of a wounded arm he swept into a very creditable salaam of greeting When he straightened up again he adjusted the set of his cloak with a kind of sorry hauteur pushed his bent spectacles a little firmly up onto the bridge of his nose and said in a voice that was shake but oddly determined My lord Dragonsbane I have ridden here on errantry from the south with a message for you from the King Uriens of Belmarie He seemed to gather strength from these words settling into the heraldic sonority of his ballad snatch of golden swords and bright plumes in spite of the smell of the pigsty and the thin cold rain that had begun to patter downMy lord Aversin I have been sent to bring you south A dragon has come and laid waste the city of the gnomes in the Deep of Ylferdun it lairs there now fifteen miles from the King s city of Bel The Kind begs that you come to slay it ere the whole countryside is destroyedThe boy drew himself up having delivered himself of his uest a look of noble martyred serenity on his face very like Jenny thought someone out a ballad himself Then like all good messengers in ballads he collapsed and slid to the soupy mud and cowpies in a dead faint Buddy read with Beth Full review to be posted at the end of the month when our buddy read ends I finished early because I m bad at buddy reads Cross posted at

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Read & Download Dragonsbane µ PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook Barbara Hambly Ô 0 Read & Download Free read Dragonsbane When the Black Dragon seized the Deep of Ylferdun young Gareth braved the far Winterlands to find John Aversin Dragonsbane the only living man ever to slay a dragon In return for the promise of the King to send help to the Winterlands Aversin agreed to attempt the nearly impossibl. Hambly writes adults a rarity in the fantasy genre in particular Dragonsbane is a depiction of middle aged regret of people who because of historical circumstances and personal situations will never achieve what they dream of and somehow Hambly writes it in a way that s not depressing and that appealed to me even as an adolescent unsympathetic to the failure to achieve Also the dragons are coolUnder no conditions read the seuels In fact let us agree that the publishing records lie and no seuels exist We will all be happier that way

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Read & Download Dragonsbane µ PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook Barbara Hambly Ô 0 Read & Download Free read Dragonsbane An evil spell and he refused to see them Meantime the dragon fed well on the knights who had challenged himIn the end Aversin Jenny and Gareth had to steal away at night to challenge Morkeleb largest and wisest of dragonsbut that was only the beginning of the perils they must face. Occasionally in discussions of SFF you ll see readers bemoaning the lack of books that feature 1 older women 2 non pretty women 3 mothers who get to do things Dragonsbane has all of these things in interesting ways and while it begins by seeming to be a deconstruction of romantic stories of noble knights slaying evil dragons it is primarily a story of the limits of female ambitionview spoilerWe start the book with Jenny a northern mage rescuing a would be noble sprat of a rescuer from bandits and taking him home to the local lord and her lover John The sprat is seeking John because he s the only known Dragonsbane and the king has a problem with a dragonThe ballads have failed to convey John s broad northern accent his interest in pigs his spectacles his lack of courtly graces and most particularly that both John and Jenny contributed to the killing of the dragon that earned John his titleJenny s role as mage or witch as the female mages inevitably get called is the crux of this story Her mentor taught her that magic reuires a singular devotion that to become strong she must meditate and focus her all on her power and not as Jenny has done take a lover and have children by himThis is a book about worklife balance in other words but where the work is the grand passion and life the thing that keeps dragging you away from itMages being devoted to power above all is rusted into society so much so that a priest won t perform a marriage ceremony for a mage because the mage will inevitably abandon family for power So Jenny is both happy and unhappy loving John and her children able to spend a fair amount of time away from them and yet never enough to fully devote herself to her powerThe sprat after some time being extraordinarily na ve and idiotic manages to get John and Jenny south to try to kill the dragon and here they encounter Jenny s mirror Zyerne who is also a female mage who is lover to the local ruler the kingBut Zyerne is beautiful where Jenny is ugly powerful where Jenny is weak as cruel as Jenny is kind and as single minded in her pursuit of power as Jenny is waveringConseuentially the conflict of the story ends up being between the two women rather than Dragonsbane vs Dragon The resolution of this is reasonably well done although gosh I felt like hitting a few people with a clue bat than once and finally becomes a choice for Jenny between love and power hide spoiler