E–book [The Binding Vine] ¼ Shashi Deshpande

  • Paperback
  • 272
  • The Binding Vine
  • Shashi Deshpande
  • English
  • 04 November 2018
  • 9781558614024

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The Binding Vine Free download ↠ 6 Vision is that out of this web of loss and despair emerge strand of life and hope a binding vine of love concern and connection that spreads across chasms of time social class and even death In moving and exuisitely understated prose Deshpande renders visible the extraordinary endurance and grace concealed in women's everyday liv Shashi Deshpande writes insightfully about grief and loss However I struggled to follow the relationships between the many characters and at some points it was unclear who was speaking

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The Binding Vine Free download ↠ 6 Wn into the lives of two very different women one her long dead mother in law a thwarted writer the other a young woman who lies unconscious in a hospital bed And it is through these uiet unexpected connections that Urmi begins her journey toward healingThe miracle of The Binding Vine and of Shashi Deshpande's deeply compassionate This is the most moving book I ve ever read which describes loss breath taking

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The Binding Vine Free download ↠ 6 “There can be no vaulting over time” thinks Urmila the narrator of Shashi Deshpande’s profound and soul stirring novel “We have to walk every step of the way however difficult or painful it is; we can avoid nothing” After the death of her baby Urmila finds her own path difficult to endure But through her grief she is dra I read Shashi Deshpande s The Binding Vine late into last night and was left with a dark disturbing feeling For the first time I was reading someone who did not romanticize or glorify grief and pain Urmi the narrator stubbornly embraces her grief and pain after losing her one year old daughter to death She refuses to be condoled and instead gets pulled into the sad tale of a comatose Kalpana who apparently had been raped brutally but whose mother adamantly refuses to file a case because she has two daughters to marry and she does not want the daughters honor to be sabotaged As the days progress and Kalpana is forcibly shifted to another far away hospital much against her mother s wish her mother is forced to revise her views and gives a statement to a journalist of how her daughter was raped and how injustice had been meted out to her all along The statement hastens justice yet at a personal level it opens a can of worms and Kalpana s mother is forced to see some ugly truths By the end she sees light and in calm undertones tells Urmi that her Kalpana is not at all like that she is a nice girl In between her grief and Kalpana s case Urmi manages to unearth the sordid past of her long dead mother in law Meera who had been a victim of marital rape Meera s poetry speaks directly to Urmi and to the reader in the four lines painstakingly penned in a moment of utter despair Don t tread paths barred to youObey never utter a no Submit and your life will beA paradise she said and blessed mThese four lines sum up the essence of what every young girl is taught the moment she is betrothed to a manAnd these lines Meera pens when renamed as Nirmala A glittering ring gliding on the riceCarefully traced a name Nirmala Who is this None but IMy name hence bestowed upon meNirmala they call I stand satue stillDo you build the new without razing the old A tablet of rice a pencil of goldCan they make me Nirmala I am MiraEven as Urmi struggles to bring justice to the dead Mira by trying to get her poems published she knows she has to fight many personal battles The book though primarily about feminism is also about the mechanics of grief and loss I almost closed this book after the second chapter because the terms were too collouial the names of different characters and their relationship with each other in the beginning would have helped the shift in the setting and scene was abrupt and sudden But I am glad I stuck otherwise I would have missed the compassion and love with which Ms Deshpande weaves her tale A book fervently recommended to every feminist and humanist out there I happily award 4 stars to this book