[EPUB] (Lolo By Mara Kay)

  • Hardcover
  • 125
  • Lolo By Mara Kay
  • Mara Kay
  • en
  • 05 March 2020
  • 9780333317327

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FREE READ · Lolo By Mara Kay Lolo had always thought it was a pity that her father the Russian poet Feodor Tyutchev didn't spend time at home with his family But it wasn't until she was twelve and on holiday with her mother in Germany that she learned other mothers didn't want their children to associate with her which she found hurtful and strange When Lolo returned home she a.

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FREE READ · Lolo By Mara Kay Sked so many uestions that she was finally told the truth her father had a wife already and although he loved Lolo's mother he wasn't married to her It was hard at first to accept that she'd never be able to make friends normally in the strict society of St Petersburg and to think her mother would always be open to abuse and scorn But Lolo tried to.

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FREE READ · Lolo By Mara Kay Find compensations as she grew up It was fun to drive out with her father and see the sights It was enjoyable to go to school and be part of that separate world And she loved her little brothers dearly Lolo's mother though had never been strong and suffers from tuberculosis This causes Lolo much grief and soon she had to face another serious situati.

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