EBOOK Trinity in Trouble

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Characters Trinity in Trouble

Read & download È Trinity in Trouble 102 Havik is than eual to the task of teaching her a good sound lesson over her kneeA smart woman would know when to uit but determined not to give in to threats of a perpetually sore backside Trinity's wild behavio.

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Read & download È Trinity in Trouble 102 R soon runs her afoul of the handsome guard Frankie a woman who captivates than just Trinity's bare behindCan love blossom under Ms Havik's harsh regime Or will Trinity find her spirit crushed along with her hear.

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Read & download È Trinity in Trouble 102 A young woman on the brink Trinity arrives at Ms Havik's Reform Facility with only one agenda making as much trouble for as many people as possible To Trinity's dismay she soon discovers that the old fashioned Ms.

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