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Ashley Madau ´ 6 SUMMARY

Ashley Madau ´ 6 SUMMARY SUMMARY Morningside ô PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB Ake of her condition Is she a hybrid A mutant Without any clues to a cure she is caught between two worlds battling humanity and immortality One day she is the hunter the next day the hunted She can't imagine her situation could get any worse but soon a new threat emerges A powerful vampire is after the secret held within her veins and he will stop at nothing to get i. I received an ARC ebook of this book from the author to provide a honest review This is the author s debut novelThe beginning was slow and filled with inessential information andor details I understand that world building is crucial however the information andor detail I m referring to is truly not necessary to keep the story moving forward nor is it of value to enhance the story It felt like a word count fillerThe connection between the heroine and hero is not clear neither is the attraction They met at a party he s good looking he accidentally turns her into a vampire then the twist and they hang out See Usually there s something that brings the two together whether it is fate or being that this is a PNR the usual mate story line or even instant connection There was also no chemistry between them None of the usual occurs which makes it hard to understand why they are togetherThere needs to be depth to the characters and details about who the characters are and what s going on The connection I usually feel for the characters isn t there Perhaps its partially because we don t learn the name of the heroine until almost the very end or that her reaction to things or the situation doesn t feel right or real There are way too many unanswered uestions and the author doesn t provide the answers or clues The story needs time to developThe premise of the story is interesting though the execution wasn t the best Again this is the author s debut novel and she has potential

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Ashley Madau ´ 6 SUMMARY SUMMARY Morningside ô PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB As her first immortal night comes to a close it becomes painfully clear that she is no ordinary vampire With nowhere else to turn she finds herself at the mercy of the other vampires and they do not hesitate to use her as an easy food source Days later as her excitement and adrenaline spikes her thirst for blood returnsNeither she nor the other vampires know what to m. My Rating Book DescriptionIt s easy to get caught up with bad ass vampires a killer love triangle broken engagements assumed clones and enough sexual tension to drive anyone crazyDoes society really know what it means to be a vampire What it feels like Tastes like The struggles of going through life in a state of unacceptance and using every fiber of your being to changeMORNINGSIDE shows vampires in a new light Humanity believes them to be one thing without any deviation the perfection of a human hunter One woman is able to prove them wrong Trapped between both the mortal and immortal realms she becomes the line between humans and vampires and both the differences and similarities they share When her life is put at stake the worlds begin to collidePage Count 242 pagesMy ThoughtsThis was a difficult story for me to rate because there were moments that I enjoyed but others not so much What I enjoyed was the premise of the story There be vampiresbut not in fashion that most readers are familiar with The female protagonist of this book lived in eual measure in the human and vampire world Turned as a vampire in 1928 by Liam her sire she begins an odyssey of discovering who and what she is The story takes an interesting explorartive as Liam tries to teach her how to be a vampire only to discover that she was notat least not completely The story kept my attention as I read the first 30% but at about 35% I begin to realize that we never learned the female protagonists name which was uite odd in a full length novel The reader didn t actually find out that her name was Ava until about 90% into the story As such it was hard to connect with her because I didn t know her name and her basic physical description was vague and only consistent of a brief mention of her hair and eye color when she vamped out On the subject of the love triangle between Ava Julian and Liam I just didn t see what she saw in either of them Liam killed her and was hot cold toward her Conversely Julian essentially faked his own death and lied to her Neither male provided the best foundation for a functional relationship But I liked that particular byplay in the story I would have loved to read about why the infamous E aka Eden targeted Ava for her blood and what was so special about it I believe that there is another book in the series I hope that will deal with the why of it all The things that I didn t care about what the seuencing and pacing in the story There was a choppy splicing together of events and details that provided a slightly chaotic feel to the story Ava followed Liam outside and in a blink she s a vampire At first it was just she and Lian and the Gabriela and Julian are introduced with little fanfare Julian s death came so out of the blue that I had to read it to see how it happened because I felt as if I had missed something There were a few others odd moments in the story however with a bit of scene tightening the story would have definitely been a 4 or 4 read for meNote for PNR lovers Although there is hinted romance between the characters there is so sexual interaction between any of the them The author provided a review copy of this book for an honest reviewReading Time 6 Hours

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Ashley Madau ´ 6 SUMMARY SUMMARY Morningside ô PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB It's easy to get caught up with bad ass vampires a killer love triangle broken engagements assumed clones and enough sexual tension to drive anyone crazyNight falls across the town When she is first turned she assumes all is lost her future her social life even the opportunity to one day experience the release of death But when she suddenly reverts to human form soon. Ava is a normal girl in the 1920s One night sees her attending a wedding an event that should be full of fun and goodwill uickly turns into one of danger instead and before she knows it she s been turned into a vampire except she isn t a normal kind of vampire Events see her leaving her sire s home only to return 80 years later Someone s after her blood and they won t stop until they get itThis is a difficult review for me to write because everything really comes down to one issue development The ideas behind Morningside are brilliant I really liked the idea of a half human half vampire being but it s not in the way you might think I also liked the kind of vampire that Julian was Ashley Madau definitely has some original ideas here Reading from Ava s perspective was uite enjoyable because I could always get a sense of her emotions and each image was clear in my headFor me what we have here are the bones of a story Disjointed scenes and ideas left me really uite confused because there was little flow and explanation pretty much every scene and character could have done with fleshing out Ava didn t seem to be overly troubled by the fact she would never be able to contact her family again she didn t uestion the fact that Liam had human food in the kitchen of which incidentally there was no sign of eighty years later What also confused me somewhat was why it was her blood that the mysterious E was after E was the sire of Liam who had turned Ava into a vampire While I knew that Ava s blood was obviously different I didn t see how it was supposed to achieve the goal that E was chasingLiam was an OK character but he was really closed off One minute hot one minute cold there was very little insight to his character I grew attached to him only slightly and it was a shame because what I saw of him the true him behind the mask I really liked what would have been better was to see much of that The same went for Julian also In terms of what he was and what he could do fantastic There was some emotional insight but again not enough So for me what I was seeing was this half hearted unexplained love triangle Not a good combination Because of this lack of development I couldn t see why Ava was interested in either of themand I didn t know what it was about her that pulled them in strangely enough though if I had to pick it would ve been LiamThere were some good scenes in here when it comes to action Madau knows how to make it compelling That was when I started to actually feel what was going on What was key here was the description These scenes were the ones that were fleshed out that flowed better that just had detail It would have been great to see this consistently across the bookThe ending I think was what sealed the deal It felt very rushed and there were no answers None No closure Which then begs the uestion what was the point of the story If all that stuff happened if Ava s life was in danger and her blood was the key surely we re supposed to find out why Find out what she is Maybe if it was written with care it might just make sense It might just be fair But it was written so casually and uickly that it just didn t sit right Oh and that love triangle It s not worth taking sidesOverall I found this to be really disappointing What I was reading was ideas and the ideas were fantastic No uestion about it But they needed developing and expanding answers were needed for the uestion The way it was wrapped up leaves no room for a seuel though I can t say for definite if there will or won t be one It just needs a whole lot of development and had there been I would have enjoyed this so much Thank you to the author for providing me with a copy in exchange for an honest review This review is also posted on my blog