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Nothing Lasts Forever Battle Born MC #2 Read ↠ 104 Een the heart of her girls and family If her past has taught her anything it’s that eventually those you love will always leave you Can she have faith that even though mistakes are made and people change love will bring them back to her WOW this is the first word that come to my mind after reading this awesome book This time we spend all the book with Axl and Dana and i loved how their relationship evolved during the story from Chapter to the end of the book This book is definitely my favorite one the 1st book was awesome but this time the author amazed me with this one With this book the author brought me to a higher level than book 1 Each chapter i couldn t stop my reading and needed to know what was going to happen to the characters and OMG it was like being on a rollercoaster when you think you can t go higher well you re wrong because it bring you to another level and wow honestly the author fulfill all my expectations and much Now the only thing i can t think it s book 3 and what will happen to all the characters in the next book Wowc est le premier mot ui me vient l esprit apr s avoir lu ce livre Dans ce tome nous retrouvons Axl et Dana ue nous d couvrons tout au long de l histoire et j ai ador les voir voluer tout au long de ce tome du chapitre 1 jusu la fin Honn tement j avais ador le tome 1 mais ce tome est encore bien meilleur et l auteur a vraiment mont le niveau avec ce livre Avec ce 2 me tome l auteure m a emmener encore plus loin u avec le tome 2 cette fois ci elle s est surpass e et su faire voluer tous ces personnages A chaue chapitre j avais envie d en savoir plus sur ce ui allait se passer et c tait comme tre sur une montagne russe lorsu on se dit u on ne peut pas monter plus haut eh bien c est faux on grimpe encore dans l intensit du livre l auteure nous emm ne encore plus loin Honn tement elle a remplit toutes les exigences ue j avais pour ce tome 2 et encore bien plus Maintenant j ai h te de lire le tome 3 et de savoir ce ui va arriver aux personnages

review Nothing Lasts Forever Battle Born MC #2Nothing Lasts Forever Battle Born MC #2

Nothing Lasts Forever Battle Born MC #2 Read ↠ 104 Es has never been an issue for him He’s partied and lived fast with the best of them When faced with life altering changes he must choose between the beast he’s turned into or find a way back to learn who he is again Dana has always b HOLY HELL This was my first reaction at the end of the book I was like holy hell no that did not just happen bawhahaha I thought I loved Betting On Forever but I LOVED LOVED Nothing Lasts ForeverThis is Axl and Dana s story and oh what a story it is Dana has decided she is done with guys No relationships because they cause heartache and pain That is until she meets Axl the VP of The Battle Born MC Lord is he funny and cocky and arrogant all wrapped up into one sexy as hell packageThings are going good between Dana and Axl when Axl is dealt a blow to his family and he spirals down deep into the deepest darkness there is Dana tries to help him out but he is not having any of it He is determined to drink himself to death and deal with club business Then something happens to the club and Axl is shocked into reality and he finally realizes that Dana needs him Time and love can heal all wounds but will they heal Axl in time or will he lose Dana for good

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Nothing Lasts Forever Battle Born MC #2 Read ↠ 104 Nothing in life lasts forever but forever in love is just what they might get Axl’s world is shattered right before his eyes and he risks losing everything the MC he loves and the woman he’s already claimed Living a life free of worri Oh wow I loved Dana and Axl He was such a pain but very loveable What is it about MC guys taking charge that I love MC guys are the only ones that can get away with it I loved that he had a great attitudeThe epilogue many years later was perfect Almost made me tear up