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  • Paperback
  • 224
  • Cowboy Brigade
  • Elle James
  • English
  • 09 July 2020
  • 9780373695485

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Cowboy Brigade Free download Ù 100 St the owner for attempted murder The obstacle Lindsay Kemp his high school sweetheart and his target's granddaughter Wade never expected Lindsay to still be living on the struggling ranch let alone be a single mother to preci. Unnecessary sex scenes Continued side story of Governor Lila Lockhart It was an okay read Part of the Daddy Corps series

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Cowboy Brigade Free download Ù 100 On a doubly dangerous mission this undercover daddy would risk it all to protect his girlsAgent Wade Coltrane ex Army Special Forces has returned home to Freedom Texas for his next assignment infiltrate the Long K Ranch and bu. A good read about a Wade Coltrane an ex Army special forces soldier coming home and finding out he was the father of twin daughters by his first love Lindsey Kemp Lindsey and her daughters live with her grandfather and is trying to keep the ranch from going under Wade who is still in love with Lindsey gets hired on as a hired hand by her Grandfather Wade is also working for a security agency which is investigating her Grandpa Kemp because of threats to the current governor A good read

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Cowboy Brigade Free download Ù 100 Ous twin girls Each day he spends undercover only intensifies his lingering desire for Lindsay and rouses his protective instincts And he'll need them for there's a killer on the ranch and he's set his vengeful sights on Linds. I really enjoyed this book You won t want to miss the story of Wade Coltrane and Lindsay Kemp This book will leave you wanting to keep turning those pages long into the night