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JET LAG AUTHOR Ryan Clifford Download ä 104 Battle of Britain Can they turn the tide of the Battle when faced with the might of the lethal new Nazi jet fighter and importantly can they ever return home to 1991 Todd battles not only against the Luftwaffe but against treachery duplicity and ultimate betrayal from his own side in this exciting and thought provoking new novel from Ryan Clifford author of the best selling SNOW Trilogy Readers are invited to speculate on the ending to this story after four alternates are provided by the author Could you imagine yet anothe

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JET LAG AUTHOR Ryan Clifford Download ä 104 but surely not that good Is it possible that the RAF in 1940 had some help to defeat the German horde Is it possible that Britain had a devastating new secret weapon to which only a few top politicians and military leaders were privy Trace the adventures of Wing Commander Todd Morrissey and his flight of fifteen technically advanced aircraft which are transported from 1992 back to wartime Britain by a freak weather system Follow their exploits as the aircrew and groundcrews from the future become fully embroiled in the

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JET LAG AUTHOR Ryan Clifford Download ä 104 ‘Never in the field of human conflict has so much been owed by so many to so few’ These enduring words spoken by Winston Churchill in 1940 pay tribute to the wartime RAF pilots who fought off the might of the Nazi Luftwaffe The ‘Few’ faced outrageous odds but ultimately won through and the Battle of Britain became a great victory But just how did they manage to defeat such overwhelming odds How could they possibly overcome such vastly superior numbers and technology Yes the Spitfire and Hurricane were damned good