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The Suicide KingVolume 1 Fallocaust #4 Summary ¼ PDF, DOC, TXT, eBook or Kindle ePUB free Quil Carter ✓ 2 Read Read The Suicide KingVolume 1 Fallocaust #4 After months of being separated Reaver and Killian are finally together; but their happiness is short lived Unbeknownst to Killian Reaver is struggling with his own inner demons demons that threaten to not only rip Reaver apart but their entire relationship as wellUnfortunately though it’s not only demons they h. STRESSSSSSSSTRESSSSSSSSTRESSSSSSSThis book took me on a journey of many emotions I was angry happy disgusted very disgusted and then boom I was stanning again There is a few things I didn t like and it felt unnecessary and my guy Reaver is someone I don t even recognize Lots of info in this one and we learn all the things LOTS OFSometimes their are people that shouldn t bone and this book has at least 5 of them and I was like do not want but it s the Fallocaust and shit goes down in a destroyed world I will have to dive in to the next book in the series cuz the ending was likeOverall I really enjoyed it Lots of things like I said I didn t like and a fave character is no longer a fave because he a dumbass and I don t even know man but I freaking love this series and it continues to be entertaining even with all dem damn pages STRESSSSSSS Additional Feels FUCK SILAS

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The Suicide KingVolume 1 Fallocaust #4 Summary ¼ PDF, DOC, TXT, eBook or Kindle ePUB free Quil Carter ✓ 2 Read Read The Suicide KingVolume 1 Fallocaust #4 Een before Chimeras who were once seen as unstoppable will be stopped those deemed shatterproof will be shattered and the higher these men are the longer and harder they’ll fall Who will rise from the ashes and who will burn in the flames still remains to be seen but one thing’s for sure it’ll be uite the ri. This God damn mother fucking book made me feel so many things that it isn t even funny I cried like a little bitch I felt pissed off like actually genuinely pissed I wanted to strangle some characters and then others I wanted to cuddle Sometimes I wanted to do both At the same time Because these characters are awful people And I love them with all my heartWarning for spoilers people so if you don t want to be spoiled then fuck offIt broke my heart when Jade died and Elish just completely spiralled For the first time he truly had to ask himself was it worth it His love for Jade really shone through for the first time for me I ll be the first to admit that of all the characters Elish was my least favourite but I hated to see him suffer so much By the end of this book I felt a renewed respect for both Elish and Jade and I wish them the best in whatever master plan they come up with nextNow onto a broken Reaver the reaper and a secret psycho Killian I was yearning for some Killian badassness since I finished the last book I needed him to flash some psycho I always thought he had a strangely dark side He interested me the most because he wasn t engineered that way like the Chimera s he was always just a bitoff But also sweet and kind Or as kind as you can be in the land of FallocaustIt bothered me and it has done since book one that Reaver can t ever seem to accept Killian the way he is He doesn t like it when he whines and cries all the time but then whenever Killian shows any dominant badassary Reaver immediately seems to want Killian to retreat back into kitten form It confuses the hell out of me so Killian must even confused by this point Am I reading too much into characters who don t exist Yes yes I think I am Ah fuck it they re real inside my head That s good enough ProbablyKillian definitely showed a vicious side but I don t think that s all because of what Perish did to his head There was always something menacing in Killian you don t go through and survive what he did without being made of tough shit I don t think it s the kind of strength you can develop either you have it or you don t But now we know why there was always something different about him Being Silas s base clone makes perfect sense to me Only uil knows how Killian will eventually react to that news He s still holding onto the how to kill immortals thing so I m expecting some interesting developments for his characterAs for Killian and Reaver s relationshipdoes it make me an arsehole that I kind of want them to stay broken up Not forever obviously because they meant to be and all that jazz But maybe just for a while I think Killian has to work some shit out by himself We ve already seen Reaver and Killian destroy each other many times and it does parallel uite a lot with Sky and Silas I m very interested in Killian and Silas talking again at some point I want to see what the dynamic of relationship would be without the Reaver entanglementsLastly I completely understand why Reaver let Nero fuck him I get why he felt he had to do it and I m glad Reaver is back to being well Reaver The dark monster we all know and love But at the same time I also think Killian has a right to be pissed off I wouldn t blame him for not forgiving Reaver after the way he s treated Killian lately Even Reaver chopping off Kiki s head isn t an adeuate answer to their problems Although I did like the parallel of what happened in Fallocaust with Killian cutting off Perish s head for similar reasonsI have to be honest and say that my favourite part of this whole story was Reno I love that fuckhead I really do I ve said this before and I ll say it again Reno is the most honest and relatable character to me in this series He s a survivor to the max and he has a very gritty human kind of strength He s the only truly non chimera non clone non immortal non science experiment character and yet he s still fucking alive That s impressive if nothing elseI also find myself strangely drawn to Silas character I don t know why but I truly want him to be happy Or least not to be sunken into depression uite so much I want to know about him despite what he did to Killian Hey if I can like Nero after what he did to Reaver then I can like anybodySo I was completely loved the Silas and Reno chapters I hope to hell their relationship continues in volume two I ll be very disappointed if it doesn t I like the idea of them together as lovers or friends because they are each others opposites in so many ways Reno is a twenty something greywaster with no special skillsand zero self esteem apart from his astounding ability to be likable and survive whatever terrible things happen to him Silas is over two hundred years old immortal with special gifts he has honed the power of Skyfall creator of the Fallocaust and a possibly the most broken man in existence They shouldn t work on any level but they do against all reason and that s why I like themRight anyway bring on the next mother effing volume PLEASE ME OR DIEBefore readingWhen I saw this I actually clapped to myself like a twat I m excited as shit for this book I need me some Killian and Reaver the most fucked up love story possibly ever Maybe We shall see I also need me some Reno the lovable sod Plus some Dekker family mind fuckery is always welcomeSo basically give it GIVE IT NOWI wonder if I can buy this as a Christmas present to myself

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The Suicide KingVolume 1 Fallocaust #4 Summary ¼ PDF, DOC, TXT, eBook or Kindle ePUB free Quil Carter ✓ 2 Read Read The Suicide KingVolume 1 Fallocaust #4 Ave to worry about Reaver and Killian are going to uickly realize that the plaguelands hold to them a threat that the greywastes and Skyfall have never seen; a dangerous creature that has discovered just how valuable immortals areAnd back in Skyfall the Dekker family is about to be tested in ways they’ve never b. I CAN T EVEN