Not Like My Mama (READ)

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  • Not Like My Mama
  • Tonya Barber
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  • 22 March 2019
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Tonya Barber ✓ 6 REVIEW

Tonya Barber ✓ 6 REVIEW REVIEW Not Like My Mama í PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB Grace was a beautiful young woman full of life and promise when she met Bryce the handsome man who swept her off her feet What looked like paradise uickly spiraled out of control With no family and nowhere to turn Grace endured the hand she’d been dealt as she smiled An AMAZING story about breaking the cycle of abuse and living a life worth being proud ofThis is the first story by Tonya M Barber that I have read and will absolutely not be the last one This story is AMAZING and will touch a nerve in every reader This story tells of a young girl s promise to herself and the love that helped her keep that promiseRainy s story is one that is too commona young girl growing up in an abusive household She fights to not let the horrific fate that has befallen on her mother befall her With the help of her grandparents her friends and her first love she navigates through the ups and downs of lifeTonya M Barber has a way of telling Rainy s story that leaves her readers feeling emotionally connected to her story I rooted for Rainy to break the cycle and come out even stronger then she started I was not disappointed with any part of this story It was so real and so easy to follow I highly recommend this story to anyone looking for a great story that you don t want to end I think everyone will fall in love with Rainy and her soldier

SUMMARY Not Like My Mama

Not Like My Mama

Tonya Barber ✓ 6 REVIEW REVIEW Not Like My Mama í PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB s mantra is that she will not grow up to be like her mama but will she be strong enough to recognize the signs and stay clear of present dangers or will she recognize true love and leave the bitter past behind in hopes of the brighter tomorrow waiting just past the ra Not Like My Mama byTonya M BarberRainy is a sweet responsible young lady trying to find her way while growing up in a volatile and dysfunctional environment After seeing her mother live through atrocious experiences she promises herself that she will not grow up to be anything like her mother However the apple doesn t fall far from the tree After tragedy struck Rainy found herself on the mend trying to pick up the pieces of a fragmented life while her life spiraled out of controlBut every storm cloud has a silver lining and hers happens to be a sailor named Donovan He is the stuff dreams are made of intelligent handsome respectful and mature He is a man on a mission one who knows his own mind and just where he wants to go However they appear to be lovers out of seasonTime and physical distance separate them as each tries to go on with their lives and ignore the burning passion and deep connection that exists between them To uote Rainy s sage grandfather every opportunity has a shelf life Would they come to their senses and realize that a love like theirs is rare and worth fighting for before someone else steps in to claim herI love this story Tonya has fused with a delicate balance the effects of generational dysfunction left unaddressed the sweetness of falling in love the challenges of growing into adulthood and the process a broken person takes to become whole She shares both the bitter and the sweet of loving someone as well as the destruction that sometimes comes with loving the wrong person Gentle truths are weaved between the lines encouraging growth healing and a fierce determination not to allow the ills of the past to dictate the future The story moves along at a moderate pace The chemistry between Rainy and Donovan leaps off the pages Tonya has written this story so that the reader feels a whole range of emotions as if they are there in the moment living out each of the scenes This is a story that will touch the lives of readers young and old And for those who love LOVE this is one story you won t want to pass up5 well deserved starsReviewed by Tumika

SUMMARY ✓ PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB ✓ Tonya Barber

Tonya Barber ✓ 6 REVIEW REVIEW Not Like My Mama í PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB Through her tears Rainy Day was than just a nameit was the state of mind of a woman trapped in hell Rainy was than a hope she was a cry for help and a prayer for a brighter tomorrow Through Rainy the promise of righting the wrongs of yesterday was ever present Rainy Very touching storyThis book will touch every emotion in youyou hear daughter s saying that they will never be there mother in certain circumstances not fully understanding the situation this is a must read I highly recommend