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  • The Guy Who Died Twice Detective DD Warren #95
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  • 01 January 2020
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The Guy Who Died Twice Detective DD Warren #95 Free download Ø 105 Lisa Gardner ✓ 5 Read & Download Een it all Then a man walks into police headuarters attempting desperately to convince the suad that he's dead Explaining to him that he's very much alive they finally send him on his wa Favorite uoteIn the silence DD could already hear his lie forming For most people the truth came uickly Deception on the other hand My ReviewThis was a uick and mind tickling tale that could easily be transformed into a television program oh how I miss Goren and Eames on Law and Order this would be a perfect case for them to dither and muse over I enjoyed the conundrum of the mystery with the overlays of humor odd details and insightful observations I have just recently stumbled onto the craftiness of Lisa Gardner s intriguing cases with Look For Me and am ready to assist the hard working DD on her next case with Never Tell already loaded on my Kindle

Summary The Guy Who Died Twice Detective DD Warren #95

The Guy Who Died Twice Detective DD Warren #95

The Guy Who Died Twice Detective DD Warren #95 Free download Ø 105 Lisa Gardner ✓ 5 Read & Download Sergeant Detective D D Warren confronts the strangest case of her career in this exclusive eBook short story by the #1 New York Times bestselling authorD D Warren was pretty sure she'd s This was a fun little snippet of a mystery in between Detective DD Warren novels It s almost a little reminiscent of Clue and there is even a joke or two to that affect with the added bonus of flipping between the event itself and DD having already solved it recounting the whole story at home to her husband after a long day I ll admit I actually guessed the whoddunit but hadn t uite put together the full backstory which was both awful and sad I enjoyed this little visit with characters we ve come to know so well after nine books and looking forward to DD crew soon

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The Guy Who Died Twice Detective DD Warren #95 Free download Ø 105 Lisa Gardner ✓ 5 Read & Download Y and then hours later he turns up actually dead And it's on D D Warren to figure out how and why the dead man died twicePlus an early look at Gardner's next riveting thriller Never Tell This is the first story by Lisa Gardner that I ve read I ve wanted to read her books for ages I have two on my TBR shelf and my library has several But with literally thousands of books on my shelves I just hadn t gotten to her yet I think every avid reader must have a couple authors that they really really really really x 10 want to read but their work never seems to pop up at the top of the TBR list Reading this short story has officially moved Lisa Gardner s books to the top of my TBR pile Immediately The Guy Who Died Twice is part of Gardner s Detective D D Warren series I haven t read any of the prior books but was easily able to get into this story It s a nice stand alone short story And definitely a great lead in for those who haven t read the serieswhile still being a nice tale for series fans who are waiting on the next book In this uick read Detective DD Warren tells the tale of her strangest case to date A man walks into police headuarters in Boston announcing that he has information on his own murder The man thinks he is already dead Even after the detective and others attempt to explain to him that he isn t dead Adam LaToile refuses to change his story Strangely enough a few hours later LaToile is actually dead Stabbed In his own bed This story progresses like an Agatha Christie story Christie is my favorite author so I was in heaven as the detective arrived to find that a strange cast of suspects were in the house when LaToile met his grisly end The wife The doctor Gardener Driver Man servant Maid Chef It s almost like a demented game of Clue And the tale ends with all the suspects gathered in the library for the reveal All the Christie vibes had me very very happy The ending was unexpected and darkly entertaining Loved it I am heartily sorry now that Lisa Gardner s books have been languishing in my ponderous TBR list for way too long This series and anything else by Gardner is now at the top of my list I have the first book of this series Alone on hold at the library already For those who already love this series Book 10 Never Tell will be coming out in February And it s on my review TBRI voluntarily read an advance readers copy of this story from Penguin via NetGalley All opinions expressed are entirely my own