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SUMMARY ñ Writing the Body Politic Career long studies of the productive body and the ways in which the working body is caught in and resists disciplinary systems that seek to rationalise natural functions and control social relations The third section considers O'Neill's concern with the ancient early modern and psychoanalytic sources of the post modern libidinal body and a final section on the civic body focuses specifically on the ways in which principles of reciprocity and generosity exceed the capitalist individualist body of neoliberal po.

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SUMMARY ñ Writing the Body Politic This book brings together key essays from the career of social theorist John O'Neill including his uncollected later writings focusing on embodiment to explore the different ways in which the body trope informs visions of familial economic personal and communal lifeBeginning with an exploration of O'Neill's work on the construction of the biobody and the ways in which corporeality is sutured into social systems through regimes of power and familial socialisation the book then moves to concentrate on O'Neill's.

FREE READ ✓ PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook · Thomas Kemple

SUMMARY ñ Writing the Body Politic Litical theory The volume also includes an interview with O'Neill addressing many of the key themes of his work a biographical note with an autobiographical postscript a select bibliography of O'Neill's many publications and an extensive introduction by the editorsA challenging and innovative collection Writing the Body Politic A John O'Neill Reader will appeal to critical social theorists and sociologists with interests in the work of one of sociology's great critical readers of classical and contemporary tex.

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