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  • 21 April 2020
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DOWNLOAD Black Boxes ☆ PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB As their mother demands silence Davie retreats into his own world permanently soiled and communicating only by sign while Pip fat and desperate sneaks out of the house at night to have sex with a boy who hates her Pip and Davie exist in parallel with only Ana's bedroom door separating her from them She does not want to see them They are the present and Ana chooses to live in a past continually raking over the ashes of a relationship that was never really hers Accomplished and affecting Caroline Smailes weaves together a catastrophic tale ofmismatched liv. This is a very good book but I found it a hard readI have struggled with depression off and on for about 13 years There were times I found this book impossible to read because it reminded me of my own life in many waysThis is a realistic at times bitterly harsh story about a breakdownIt s very well written interesting and painful Caroline Smailes invites us into the subconscious of a young woman who is falling apart

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DOWNLOAD Black Boxes ☆ PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB F two black boxes one Ana's and one Pip's the story reveals the key factors that have contributed to this catastrophic breakdown of life In Black Box 01 we meet Ana as she begins to deconstruct her life She rails against Alex and his inability to love her or to put her ahead of his domineering mother Black Box 02 is Pip's diary which details in a schoolgirl terms the neglect that both Pip and Davie have suffered Pip talks of her mother's deterioration lack of cleanliness and of her mother's obsessions Pip and Davie communicate through finger sign language. I wanted to like this than I did I like the idea that Smailes set up But something fell a bit short in the execution for me It seemed to stay on one level throughout Whilst the end was always predicted from the start the emotional intensity didn t alter much Which felt a bit heavy to carry for the whole way Perhaps the section with the daughter s diary was meant to inject some hope as suggested by the cover blurb but to me it seemed like the sorry cycle was starting all over again I think that Smailes is doing something different and interesting with her use of different types etc but sometimes I just crave to see what she d do with the straightforward word on the page

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DOWNLOAD Black Boxes ☆ PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB Ana Lewis is trapped by her own expectations Her intense relationship with fellow student Alex begins to crack beyond repair when she falls pregnant and his subseuent withdrawal emotionally and sexually are hard for Ana to bear Eventually following the birth of Pip and then Davie Alex leaves Ana to a life of uestion and blame Locked in her room for much of the time she woefully neglects her children preferring instead to replay scenes from her life over and over fighting the urge to blink for fear it should dissipate the memories Told within the context o. I d give it stars if I couldThe book tells the story the recording of sorts of the last hours of 37 year old Ana s life which is about to end by her own hand It s told in her own words and those words are told just beautifully It s poetry beautifully tragic and honest and brutal as are the words we find in her teenaged daughter s diaryThe subject matter s not pretty it s heart breaking no bad thing But it s the story and the way it s told that makes it so brilliant It s hypnotic it s sad it s beautiful it s fresh it feels original and most importantly it feels real It s not easy to do haunting and affecting and it s not easy to write about depressing situations convincingly and make them entertaining without relying on people s morbid curiosity or just plain wallowing take it from me Caroline Smailes has managed it here And howSee full review here