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The Holographic Soul (The God Series Book 30)

Free read The Holographic Soul (The God Series Book 30) é PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB free Mind is nothing but math Mind is how math exists in itself Minds are monads monads are singularities and singularities are Fourier freuency domains From the collective interaction of all of these freuencies – from the vast interference pattern they produce – we get the spacetime universe of matter It’s nothing but an ontological hologram that comes inbuilt with mathematical forcefields that lend it the illusion of being solid It’s all in the mathMind does not come from matter as science claims The exact opposite is true Everything starts with unextended minds dimensionless Fourier singularitiesWhat comes after physics isn’t metaphysics it’s math Math is the ground of science Math is the interior of science mind the interior of matter Humanity has made the error of regarding the outside as real and the inside as an epiphenomenon The reverse is true The simple fact is that without math science would be an irrational religionA mathematical universe is a holographic universe a monadic universe a Leibnizian rather than Newtonian universe We are all living in a dynamic evolving hologram aiming to transform itself into heaven populated by not one but countless Go.

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Free read The Holographic Soul (The God Series Book 30) é PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB free Where is your mind located How does it interact with your body When your body dies does your mind die too or does it have an afterlife That’s the mystery of existence If humanity cannot answer these uestions once and for all then it has no understanding of realityThe answer is not going to be something obvious It will reuire some great conceptual leap hitherto unforeseen by almost all of humanityThe ancients believed that a person was a reflection of the cosmos A person had a body and a soul and so did the cosmos Is that a silly Mythos or can it be intellectually defendedThe rational link between the ancient wisdom and modern knowledge is none other than holography Holography is what allows scientific materialism to be replaced by mathematical idealism Holography allows the soul rather than matter to be considered the source of reality Mental atoms with atomic mass zero replace material atoms with atomic mass greater than zero as the basis of the worldIndividual souls control individual bodies and the collection of all souls controls the collective body – the cosmos All of this is the inevitable conseuence of ontological Fourier mathematicsThe unprecedented intell.

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Free read The Holographic Soul (The God Series Book 30) é PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB free Ectual leap that humanity must make is to conceive of reality as mathematical rather than religious spiritual philosophical metaphysical or physical scientific Pythagoras understood this 2500 years ago He was at least 2500 years ahead of his time Over 300 years ago Leibniz with his Monadology adopted a holographic model of reality whereby dimensionless monads created the illusion of the dimensional material world He was ignored So it goes Humanity’s greatest geniuses are always painfully far ahead of the game That’s exactly why they’re the greatest geniusesNo one who understands that there’s to the world than science needs to turn to God religion faith spirituality mysticism or metaphysics They do however need to turn to mathematics the world’s most hated and dreaded subject Where better to hide from humanity the Truth of existence than in the exact place where humans most fear to treadThe answer to existence has always been right in front of humanity – in the shape of math It might as well have been hidden in the bottomless Cosmic AbyssMath in its pristine state is immaterial non sensory and outside space and time Those are exactly the properties of mind.

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