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Deconstructing a God review ✓ 103 Devil's hope is that eventually he can trick God into believing that the victims of evil are actually responsible for it and evidence of their responsibility will be substantiated from their conditioned reaction If we commonly accept that the devil is the arch deceiver then his attempting to deceive God should not be perceived as farfetched This will all be explained in exuisite detail throughout this work and if it is upsetting andor seemingly unoriginal for me to imply that White people are the devil don't worry because this too will be explained in a very original w.

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Deconstructing a God review ✓ 103 Our understanding of White supremacy has been intentionally limited to a pitiful appreciation of racism This has restricted the global Black liberation struggle to a fight against the economics of racism rather than the psychology of the racist But this statement in and of itself is not revolutionary As Jacob Carruthers has suggested the frontier of Black research is in the dramatic meanings beneath the formal and obvious meanings What is revolutionary is that the ultimate objective of White supremacyracism is not a perpetual exploitation of the world's resources but ra.

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Deconstructing a God review ✓ 103 Ther an eternal securing of their exploitative efforts through deceiving God into accepting the White race as rightful inheritors of His global kingdom The obsessive efforts made by Whites to exploit the world of its resources are only a means of psychologically manipulating andor coercing Black people to accept the roles necessary for this grand deception White supremacy as you read about throughout this book is ultimately about prophecy than profit The devil's greatest trick has been to prove to the world that he never existed; but then who is responsible for evil The.

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