[Sheiks Of Summer] E–pub Ø Susan Mallery

  • Paperback
  • 376
  • Sheiks Of Summer
  • Susan Mallery
  • English
  • 06 March 2020
  • 9780373484706

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Sheiks Of Summer Summary ä 108 T by Fiona BrandA star crossed love affair and a stormy night combined to bring Laine Abernathy into Sheik Xavier Kalil Al Jahir's world Now as she took cover in her rugged rescuer's home Laine wondered if it was her destiny to fall in love with the mesmerizing shei. I found Susan Mallery s story The Sheikh s Virgin uninspiring She is so foolish so lacking in any kind of self knowledge or confidence He on the other hand is this delicious older man who even calls her a little fool on one occasion Hmm not that nice 2 starsHowever Sheikh of Ice by Alexandra Sellers was a much better offering The whole explanation about the need for mythical places like Camelot as symbolised by the Valley was a wonderful device and it really made the story richer and inspiring I d give it at least 45 starsSimilarly Kismet by Fiona Brand was excellent I loved the whole reincarnation twist to the story and Kalil and Laine are lovely I just wish there was time to explore the story in detail It just felt rushed I liked the whole Crusaides as a background theme too Especially because he s not on the side of Richard the Lion Heart but one of Saladin s generals Lovely Another 45 stars

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Sheiks Of Summer Summary ä 108 Eduction on his mindSheikh of Ice by Alexandra SellersShe came in search of adventure and discovered passion in the arms of tall dark and handsome Hadi al Hajar But once Kate Drummond succumbed to Hadi's powerful touch would she succeed in taming his hard heartKisme. This was a tiny bit interesting but I really didn t care much for it I don t believe in reincarnation or that someone who lived and died in the eleven hundreds AD 1100 AD can reappear in 2002 as though they have been reborn 800 900 years later as someone else and then re find their one true love who was also re born as someone else Just too far out there for meThe heroine was divorced when she found out her professor husband had been cheating She was not with anyone else until the heroThe hero was married uite young very early twenties or before if I can add and subtract this late at night His wife died of leukemia five years earlier He is 28 at the beginning of the book and the heroine is 32 The hero s wife passed away when he was 23 but it didn t say how long they were married He was devoted and took care of her until she passed away Taking blood pressure giving injections keeping track of her temperature bathing etc He was not pining for her and it didn t appear that he was still in love with herDuring the five years since his wife s death he has been celibate He knew he wouldn t be celibate forever but he hadn t met anyone that stoked his desireuntil the heroine I did like them together but their union seemed a bit off like they didn t fit real well It actually reminded me of an odd couple where the man is 5 6 and the heroine is 6 1 I have no idea where that came from but I thought about that throughout the book They each dream and the dreams or about their earlier lives The heroine says something one evening while having a high fever and he immediately recognized it as something he remembered dreaming about

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Sheiks Of Summer Summary ä 108 The Sheik's Virgin by Susan MalleryHe was the brazen stranger who had made it his mission to chaperone innocent beautiful Phoebe Carson around his native land But what would Phoebe do when she discovered her suitor was none other than Prince Nasri Mazin and he had s. Three seperate stories involving Sheiks from three different authors I myself either from lack of intrest or just the fact that these stories lacked catching my intrest I liked the first story The Sheik s Vigin by Susan Mallery but that was just okay nothing special to holla aboutThe second Sheikh of Ice ugh I stuggled through this one I was so fed up with the male lead I had to force myself not to purposely misplace my bookThe last story I m sorry to say after struggling through the first two I didn t have patience enough to give this a good tryNot recommend unless you like slow barely tolerable romance