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  • 03 December 2020
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This Is NPR Read ð 104 Free download ✓ PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook ã National Public Radio Always put the listener first has been NPR's mantra since its inception in 1970 Now celebrating its 40th anniversary NPR's programming attracts over 27 million listeners every week This beautifully designed volume chronicles NPR's storied history featuring dozens of behind the scenes photos essays and original. This was a too short blast from the past I wish they d covered a few of the stories of the day but the ones they did cover were great They also included some of their attempts at humor like the maple tree explosions They ve done a wonderful job I don t listen to them often enough It s funny how my memory works I remember the Clinton Lewinsky scandal of course but it s in the context of the sex I d forgotten that it came out because Lewinsky s testimony in the White Water scandal was suspect further investigation by Starr turned up a good reason for her to lie It s pretty amazing scary how the most important aspect of the investigation was lostHearing the story of the peace protests in DC was wild I was pretty young at the time 11 or 12 when this was going on but remember the shock outrage these evoked in the adults teenagers around me The gov t police had dealt with rioters before but none uite like these They weren t adults minorities or violent so the way they were handled became a huge issue Hearing the first hand reporting NPR reporter to policeman Sir why are you arresting this man was I don t know Words fail me I can t describe it succinctly How we viewed police at the time clashed with the individual rights in a way that forever changed both for me the nation No adult could answer any of my uestions about it properly It was a huge crack in the facade of adulthood for meThe other stories were good too Highly recommended even though it isn t as comprehensive as it could be

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This Is NPR

This Is NPR Read ð 104 Free download ✓ PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook ã National Public Radio R world from the people who were on the ground and on the air With contributions from Steve Inskeep Neal Conan Robert Siegel Nina Totenberg Linda Wertheimer Scott Simon Melissa Block PJ O'Rourke David Sedaris Sylvia Poggioli Paula Poundstone and many this is the perfect book for any NPR supporter fan or devotee. An excellent look at an excellent news outfit I m a fan of the book and NPR

Free download ✓ PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook ã National Public Radio

This Is NPR Read ð 104 Free download ✓ PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook ã National Public Radio Reporting by a who's who of NPR staff and correspondents transcripts of memorable interviews and an audio CD of the most memorable programming throughout the decades Beyond an entertaining and inspiring tribute to NPR's remarkable history this book is an intimate look at the news and stories that have shaped ou. This is pretty much the autobiography of National Public Radio It is really a collection of short memoirs from many NPR employees along with a few transcripts from broadcasts The most interesting parts to me were those covering the time period before I ever began to listen The stories from days of splicing together tape seconds before it went on air give interesting behind the scenes views of life in the early days of NPR I liked reading about the birth and evolution of All Songs Considered as well