[PDF/EPUB] (Confessions of a Slacker Mom)

  • Paperback
  • 224
  • Confessions of a Slacker Mom
  • Muffy Mead-Ferro
  • English
  • 10 July 2019
  • 9780738210162

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characters Confessions of a Slacker Mom 107 Bout that party guests can be just as happy with a bowl of chips as an elaborate salmon mousse and that over scheduled euals under happy Above all a slacker wife lets herself have fun being a wife She has girls’ weekends orders take out and takes leisurely walks And as a result she her husband and her family are happier and healthier even with a dirty kitchen floor and a wrinkled shirt. The only reason this book got 2 stars is because I did agree with her on the facts that kids have to get dirty and hurt sometimes And also the fact that loading too many activities on them can be detrimental I d rather have my kid be proud of doing very well at one sportactivity than being mediocre at a dozen because he can t focus all his energy into one I do not agree with much of what she was saying And the way she writes is plain annoying with her oh so superior voice Apparently nobody raised off a farm could possibly understand the concept of hard work or struggling She obviously gets off on thinking she s superior to everyone especially if they bring toys for their kids to play with for the weekend bu

characters Confessions of a Slacker MomConfessions of a Slacker Mom

characters Confessions of a Slacker Mom 107 “I often thought to myself ‘If I really want to compete with these guys I need a wife’” begins Muffy Mead Ferro in this ode to the women everywhere who are trying to take care of husbands children houses jobs bosses clients customers and oh yes themselves In lieu of that much needed wife of her own Mead Ferro finds solace sanity and even success by embracing her famous tendency t. Probably should rate this 35 stars The first 34s of the book really resonated with meshe lost me a little in a couple later chapters I really liked her has anyone seen my instinct and there goes Harvard chapters I also like to parent with common sense instead of focusing all my available energy and resources on creating the super genius child I d rather raise a well rounded child who has social skills so they are likable as well as smart talented funny or whatever their thing turns out to be I don t feel the need to have my children be the very best at every single thing life has to offer ie the endless parade of extra curricular activities I just want them to enjoy doing what they choose to do BlasphemyI k

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characters Confessions of a Slacker Mom 107 Oward slackerdom Full of personal anecdotes and real wife wisdom her latest Confessions offers precious comic relief and an invitation for wives everywhere to join the ranksA slacker wife has the wisdom to accept the following that a little dirt on her kitchen floor doesn’t hurt anyone that wrinkles on her husband’s shirt and on her face are perfectly natural and not worth worrying a. What begins as a funny tribute to the let your kid cry it out method of parenthood slowly evolves into the author s puffed up version of patting herself on the back while the reader is a hostage eyewitness You get the feeling that you are way too neurotic about your child s safety and well being and Muffy Whats Her Face is a cooler mom than you Came away feeling bad about my child rearing techniues caring worrying watching them sleep and making sure they are safe 247 ect wanting to put them in a plastic bubble ect Wait maybe I am too neurotic Well I don t need Muffy pointing that out thank you very muchWe all love our kids differently right And each mom is as uniue as her grimy fingerprints So be it Cheers