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Download Bone Dry 107 H his or her own treated bone marrow – frozen secure in the hospital’s storage vaults Only maybe not so secure Because then comes the note “We have your marrowpay 50000 or die now Before it's over Gina will be stalked threatened and nearly killed This is an action packed but shocking take no prisoners tale of medical suspense definitely not for the faint hearted But fans of the hard boiled medical thrillers and also of Patricia Cornwell will eat it up As well as lovers of strong women sleuths hospital mysteries and all medical fiction especially fans of Tess Gerritsen Carolyn McCray Eileen Dreyer Lisa Genova and Robin Cook. Bone Dry by Bette Golden Lamb B plus narrated by Beth Richmond produced by Books in Motion downloaded from audiblecomFirst of all Beth Richmond

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Download Bone Dry 107 A NEW FEMALE SLEUTH YOU’LL LOVE JUST DON'T MESS WITH HER “ a medical thriller not for the sueamish” Publishers Weekly Meet Detective Nurse Gina Mazzio She’s feisty determined tenacious and all ballsy Italian ex Bronxite She might remind you a bit of Sandra Bullock when Sandra’s in FBI mode Detective’s not her real title RN is though it might as well be Guardian Angel Because you know how scary nurses can be; and how compassionate Gina’s gone into investigative mode because her patients are in danger And everyone at her fancy San Francisco hospital’s blowing it off like everything’s normal Carl Chapman a young m. To call Gina Mazzio a detective is stretching things a bit She s an RN To her hospital administrator she may be a snoop and a busybody

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Download Bone Dry 107 An with an excellent prognosis has already died and Gina knows he shouldn't have Another patient’s acting weird and desperate; a third a teen ager has actually run away Gina soon learns Carl’s cancer treatment's gone missing in fact finds out her patients are being subjected to a form of blackmail so diabolical Hanibal Lecter could have dreamed it up And murdered if they don't pay up They’re blasted with chemotherapy and every other toxic poison available to save their lives Most days they're so run down they're dead than alive But there’s one chance for survival an experimental treatment In turn each will be infused wit. his is a fast paced medical thriller which I thoroughly enjoyed reading Gina Mazzio is the kind of RN I d like to have supporting me if I were