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Ensnared Download » 104 Those beautiful wonderful shapes to alter my brain to change my very thoughts and feelings A small part of me said it was wrong that I should go that this wasn’t right that he shouldn’t be firmly cupping my bottom but I didn’t care; all I wanted to do was watch the shapes watch them go around and around“You see you’re very beautiful Katie” He said rubbing me almost nonchalantly “That firm tight ass those long shapely legs I want them wrapped around me And that’s what this program is designed to do Turn you into my obedient hapless little slut Don’t you want that”Yyes I sai.

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Ensnared Download » 104 In this 4000 word short story a student is going to approach a professor to tell him she doesn't like his romantic advances Going to deal with him however she uickly finds herself enslaved by a new neuroprogramming device he has on his computer Satisfied with his hot young student falling for him he takes the opportunity to fuck her and make her his obedient sex slave forever Mature audiences onlyEXCERPT“Nuh no” I said barely managing to get the words out as I shook my head“Oh Katie darling that’s alright I’ll tell you” He said “That’s a real Von Helfing alright The problem ho.

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Ensnared Download » 104 Wever is that it wasn’t calibrated for me my love It was calibrated for you”“Muhme” I said I struggled to comprehend his words through the thick fog that had come down upon me“Yes my dear” He said His hand slid down slowly deliberately to cup my bottom “You rebuffed my advances last week as I imagined you might But that wouldn’t do I just had to have you So I spent the rest of the week programming this delightful little image for you”I tried to reply but it was so much effort; I couldn’t I realized dimly through the fog of my brain that he was hypnotizing me; he was using.

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