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  • 09 November 2019
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Alex Morgan ↠ 4 characters

Summary ✓ PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook ↠ Alex Morgan Alex Morgan ↠ 4 characters Hat Trick The Kicks #4 characters ô 104 Volunteer to help with four different projects on the same day Things get hectic as the girls deal with the challenges of being on the competitive tougher team; figuring out how to keep their friendships together as they all go in different directions; and trying to save the elementary school’s soccer program If they can pull off all three it will be a true hat trick. Hat TrickThis book was the best book so far because it had teamwork with also fighting I liked how it had some problems that they got over This book is really ment for soccer freaks Like meThe teamwork in this book was from a team that did not get along well then Devin stepped up and made th e team work togetherThe problems that they had they always got over and the team works together to solve the problemsThis book should be recommended to soccer freaks because this book eats soccer

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Summary ✓ PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook ↠ Alex Morgan Alex Morgan ↠ 4 characters Hat Trick The Kicks #4 characters ô 104 Vin can’t imagine a life without soccer She and her friends decide to try out for a travel team in a very competitive local league but not everyone makes the cut Meanwhile Devin’s little sister Maisie wants to try out for her elementary school’s soccer program But due to budget cuts the program has been eliminated The Kicks rally together to help raise money and. I think the theme of this book is that you can do anything if you put your mind to it

Summary ✓ PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook ↠ Alex Morgan

Summary ✓ PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook ↠ Alex Morgan Alex Morgan ↠ 4 characters Hat Trick The Kicks #4 characters ô 104 The Kicks are dedicated to soccer and to friendship but can they balance all their goals Find out in book four in the fun and empowering New York Times bestselling middle grade series from star soccer player Olympic gold medalist and World Cup champion Alex MorganNow that playoffs are over the Kicks won’t be playing together again until the spring But soccer crazy De. Devin is unhappy that soccer season is over but she and several of her teammates discover that there are try outs for winter soccer Emma doesn t make the team and Frida is off making a movie with teen hottie Brady McCoy Jessi makes the Griffons with Devin although Zoe is on the Gators Also on the Griffons the mean Mirabelle with whom Devin has made a sort of peace but also the even evil Jamie To top it off Coach Darby encourages aggressive play which leads to bruises for Jessi and a first ever yellow card for Devin It could be worse though Devin s younger sister Maisie isn t playing soccer at all because the school funding for her team has been cut The girls from the Kicks as well as some from the Griffons band together to have a big fundraiser so that the elementary team can stay in place and have everything from an eco friendly carwash to a bake sale to a skills camp for younger players A surprise guest makes the day and raises enough money to save the team Strengths It s great to see a book where characters have passions that drive them to do things Devin s hat trick refers to the three things she wants to accomplish It s a happy book with supportive parents but small problems that are dealt with in a constructive fashion Plus there s lots of soccer action Weaknesses Frida being a movie actress seemed a bit far fetched and I m not sure that a fund raiser could really save a school soccer team What I really think This is a great series that my soccer playing girls adore They are uick have bright appealing covers a celebrity author who really knows her sport and are just fun