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  • 12 March 2020
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download Insurgence free read ½ Insurgence – is an army major with few scruples and zero ualms about destroying the young insurgent group whatever the cost Can Gabriel and the rebels hold out long enough to make a stand against an implacable foe or will they be crushed under the weight of the largest military in Central America Set against the backdrop of the beautiful Cuchumatan Mountains and the lush green countryside of the Guatemalan highlands Insurrection is a glimpse into the lives and emotions of ordinary people doing extraordinary things in the name of love and count. A thrilling military experience I love a good military story about fighting to gain back control of something that was taken from you unfairly This is exactly what happens in this book with Gabrielle and his twin sister Samantha They take on a role of fighting for those who can t fight back after their parents are murdered when their small village is attacked The author does an excellent job with his military facts and writing that it gets you hooked from the beginning Don t expect to be putting this book down once you start the twist and turns will kept you wanting

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download Insurgence free read ½ Insurgence Being a teenager is tough Especially when you have to live in the jungle and carry an assault rifle Eighteen year old Gabriel and his twin sister Samantha join the revolution after death suads murder their parents and ransack their small village A new totalitarian regime has taken control of the country and as the army moves through the countryside – leaving destruction in its wake – it becomes clear to Gabriel that no matter which side you’re on nobody wins The rebels face daily hardship and live under constant fear of counter. Wow Just found a new favorite authorThis book is amazing Detailed we ll plotted intense battles excellent characters with multifaceted development The book describes a grass roots attempt to fight against a totalitarian regime that has taken over in a northern and central American country Racked with death suads led by brutal army suads preying on towns and villages the rebels fight back Amid the losses rises up a group of young fighters willing to do things differently Led by a young man th rebel factions become an army themselves bringing a real war to the military A great story A great read

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download Insurgence free read ½ Insurgence Insurgency patrols and Gabriel learns the hard way that the most dangerous threats can sometimes come from within But adversity forges character and Gabriel finds a mentor in the form of Sergeant Yos his immediate superior and former soldier who left the army under mysterious circumstances Armed with nothing but cold war relics and bravado Gabriel and Samantha lead the rebels’ efforts to take back their land as long as their luck holds and they don’t run out of ammo Hell bent on stopping them – and suashing them under his booth. Francisco Caamal peasant husbandfather Maria Caamal wifemother had been killed by a firing suad led by Captain Manuel Soto Special Forces Fast forward Corporal Gabriel Caamal 21 twin son Samantha Sam Lourdes Caamal 21 twin HS captain soccersoftball join forces under the leadership of Commandant Luis Nueva Concepcion detachment New Guerrilla Army of the Poor NGAP former attorney There were about 79 other NGAP rebels Some of the NGAP were Commandant Jose Commandant Justo Sergeant Lopez propaganda supplies killed Sergeant Garcia 4th Platoon Sergeant Yos 1st Platoon Corporal Juan Tun 1st Suad 2nd Platoon Corporal Jimenez Corporal Santiago Corporal Yuja Ernesto Ramirez Teresa Miguel Arias Pedro Ixcal killed Neto Felipe killed Pepino Pepi Corporal Klee medic Conchita is the head camp cook Diana Juanita are the cooks help Later Commandant Luis was killed by a sniperMajor Manuel Soto his soldiers were in ho