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Gracia Burnham  4 Summary

Download Ú PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook  Gracia Burnham Gracia Burnham  4 Summary In the Presence of My Enemies Summary É 104 Ent rescue that resulted in Martin's death the world watched Gracia Burnham return home in June 2002 with a bullet wound in the leg and amazing composureIn this riveting personal account Burnham tells the real story behind the news about their harrowing orde. I have uite a few reasons to like this book I grew up in the Philippines and I had seen the Burnhams and stayed at Aritao where they worked My mom went to boarding school with Martin Burnham and our family was actually evacuated from the Philippines due to threats from the terrorist groups in the book I followed their captivity with uite a bit of interest and I felt brokenhearted for the family both during and after the events chronicled in their bookI also did PR for Dean Merrill who co wrote the book with Gracia Burnham and I found him to be one of the most thoughtful reliable and professional Christian authors I ever worked withSo with the utmost respect for Gracia Burnham and for co author Dean Merrill I have to say that the book was a severe disappointment Instead of engaging me in the story and believe me it is a great story the writing served to distance me from the characters and the situation It was just hard to read too many sentences like After about three days of living with this torment I was totally miserableI found myself moved to tears toward the end because of the facts of what happened and because I knew and cared about the people involved but even then the telling felt heavy handed and it felt obtrusive

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Download Ú PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook  Gracia Burnham Gracia Burnham  4 Summary In the Presence of My Enemies Summary É 104 Soon after September 11 the news media stepped up its coverage of the plight of Martin and Gracia Burnham the missionary couple captured and held hostage in the Philippine jungle by terrorists with ties to Osama Bin Laden After a year of captivity and a viol. I ve read this book several times over the years but this is the first since I was a missionary in the Philippines It s interesting how understanding the culture makes sense of a lot of the experiences of the BurnhamsThis couple were working as missionaries in the Philippines with New Tribes Mission and had actually taken a short break when they were captured by Abu Sayyaf an Islamic terrorist group They spent a year in the jungle moving from place to place mostly trying to escape soldiers from the Philippine Land Army who made repeated attempts to establish their location Rescues don t seem to have been attempted and we learn later that the American government were being held off by the local troops who wrongly believed they could adeuately deal with the situation The events themselves are dramatic and fascinating however the book is poorly written and about twice the length it needs to be Mundane details of conversations and everyday events are included and even the exciting areas become pedestrian I found myself getting bored and only finished the book because it s a best seller The last few chapters in particular could be skipped as they are just lists of spiritual reflections and other items that didn t hold my interestThere were a few areas of theology that I disagreed with The author excuses paying bribes to the police as a cultural necessity Having lived in the Philippines it is definitely not and standing against the corruption in the police is necessary as a public testimony of our faith I probably wouldn t bother reading this again but I ve given it 3 stars for the story itself

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Download Ú PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook  Gracia Burnham Gracia Burnham  4 Summary In the Presence of My Enemies Summary É 104 Al about how it affected their relationship with each other and with God about the terrorists who held them about the actions of the US and Philippine governments and about how they were affected by the prayers of thousands of Christians throughout the world. This is a compelling true story Martin and Gracia Burnham were from the KC area so we were constantly paying attention to their plight while they were gone I got to hear Gracia speak after she published her book and got my book autographed