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The Unity of Perception

READ & DOWNLOAD ã The Unity of Perception Ous mental states How does a perceptual system accomplish the feat of converting varying informational input into mental representations of invariant features in our environmentThis book presents a unified account of the phenomenological and epistemological role of perception that is informed by empirical research So it develops an account of perception that provides an answer to the first two uestions while being sensitive to scientific accounts that address the third uestion The key idea is that perception is constituted by employing perceptual capaciti.

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READ & DOWNLOAD ã The Unity of Perception Es for example the capacity to discriminate instances of red from instances of blue Perceptual content consciousness and evidence are each analyzed in terms of this basic property of perception Employing perceptual capacities constitutes phenomenal character as well as perceptual content The primacy of employing perceptual capacities in perception over their derivative employment in hallucination and illusion grounds the epistemic force of perceptual experience In this way the book provides a unified account of perceptual content consciousness and evidenc.

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READ & DOWNLOAD ã The Unity of Perception Perception is our key to the world It plays at least three different roles in our lives It justifies beliefs and provides us with knowledge of our environment It brings about conscious mental states It converts informational input such as light and sound waves into representations of invariant features in our environment Corresponding to these three roles there are at least three fundamental uestions that have motivated the study of perception How does perception justify beliefs and yield knowledge of our environment How does perception bring about consci.

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  • Hardcover
  • 272
  • The Unity of Perception
  • Susanna Schellenberg
  • en
  • 13 April 2019
  • 9780198827702