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Game Changer characters ↠ 7 Formance But as theyve gotten stuck in stats mired in backroom politics and diverted by the facilities arms race many have lost sight of what shouldve been their primary focus all along the game itself In Game Changer Fergus Connolly shows how to improve performance with evidence based analysis and athlete focused training Through his unprecedented experiences with teams in professional football basketball rugby soccer Aussie Rules and Gaelic football as well as with elite military units Connolly has discovered how to break down the common elements in all sports to their basic components so that each moment of any game can be better analyzed whether youre a player or a coach The lessons of game day then can be used to create valuable learning experiences in training evaluate the uality of your teams performance and home in on whats working and what isnt Game Changer also shows you how to expand training focus from players physical ualities to also advance athletes technically tactically and psychologically His TTPP Model not only helps players continually progress but als.

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Game Changer characters ↠ 7 Team sports like football basketball soccer and rugby are hugely popular the world over on both college and professional levels and such popularity means that they are big business Very big Broadcasting rights alone bring in billions ESPN paid billion to broadcast college football playoffs for twelve years; Turner SportsCBS shelled out billion to show the national college basketball tournament through ; and the most recent NBA TV deal came in at a cool billion As the rewards for winning have increased its no surprise that sports team budgets have followed suit Sure the athletic program at the University of Texas brought in million last year but the Longhorns also spent million over the same period Fifteen other college athletics program also racked up over million in annual expenses But thats childs play compared to the outgoings at the worlds most valuable soccer team Manchester United which spentthan million in The trouble is that all this spending often fails to yield better results Teams in all sports have tried just about every gimmick to hack their way to better per.

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Game Changer characters ↠ 7 O stops treating them like a disposable commodity and instead prioritizes athlete health Bringing together the latest evidence based practices and lessons from business psychology biology and many other fieldsGame Changeris the first book of its kind thathelps coaches athletes and casual fans Create a cohesive game plan that improves performance through defined objectives strategies and tactics Put statistical analysis and technology into context so teams can bypass the hype and get meaningful results Identify dominant ualities to maximize during training and limiting factors to improve Create realistic immersive learning experiences for individual players and the entire team that deliver defined outcomes Structure player development with a new holistic model that puts athlete health first and helps reduce the chance of injury and burnout Balance training load so that all players are fresh and ready to play at their best in competition Rethink coaching and organizational leadership and enhance communication group dynamics and player interaction Create a winning team cultu.

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