(On Behalf of the Family Farm) [PDF/EBOOK] õ Jenny Barker Devine

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Summary On Behalf of the Family Farm

Summary Æ On Behalf of the Family Farm Ernative to but not necessarily a rejection of second wave feminism Focusing on women in four national farm organizations in IowaOCothe Farm Bureau the Farmers Union the National Farm Organization and the PorkettesOCoDevine highlights specific moments in time when farm women had to reassess their roles and strategies for preserving and improving their way of life Rather than retreat from the male dominated world of agribusiness and mechanized production postwar women increa.

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Summary Æ On Behalf of the Family Farm On Behalf of the Family Farm traces the development of womenOCOs activism and agrarian feminisms in the Midwest after 1945 as farm womenOCOs lives were being transformed by the realities of modern agriculture Author Jenny Barker Devine demonstrates that in an era when technology depopulation and rapid economic change dramatically altered rural life midwestern women met these challenges with their own feminine vision of farm life Their OC agrarian feminismsOCO offered an alt.

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Summary Æ On Behalf of the Family Farm Singly asserted their identities as agricultural producers and demanded access to public spaces typically reserved for men Over the course of several decades they developed agrarian feminisms that combined cherished rural traditions with female empowerment cooperation and collaboration Iowa farm women emphasized working partnerships between husbands and wives womenOCOs work in agricultural production and womenOCOs uniue ways of understanding large scale conventional farming.

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