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Eclipse (Energy Series, book 3) Summary ↠ 100 R bags and walks out the door Determined to raise their child on her own She never expected to walk out the door and straight into danger The man who has been stalking and terrorizing her for months found the perfect opportunity to destroy her life El must survive to protect her own life and the life of her unborn child Jaxon never had any intentions of letting her go but his immaturity has co. So much better in the editing and the flow of the storynot sure what happened but it would be great if the other two books were edited Loved the overall of the story

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Eclipse (Energy Series, book 3) Summary ↠ 100 Jaxon and Lorelle have found their way back to one another and she thought their love was stronger than ever He has proven she could trust him with her heart Hayden and Wyatt are still up to no good and pulling all kinds of shenanigans Life is bliss until she reveals she is pregnant and Jaxon does what he does best He walked out the door This time she isn't giving him any chances She packed he. I am repeating this recommendation since it pertains to the seriesI read two and half books in this series in one sitting I couldn t stop I skimmed through the last book passing the repetitive part or recap from the second book until I reached where the second book left off and still had a hard time making myself stop for some sleepHighly recommended

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Eclipse (Energy Series, book 3) Summary ↠ 100 St him dearly A dangerous man threatens to take the love of his life and his unborn child away from him forever To save her he must become the man she desperately needs him to be Sometimes love isn't enough Jaxon may have to let the love of his life go for her to find happiness and be whole again He has loved her Into the Stars and Over the Moon Is his love enough to get them through an Eclips. Holy cow This series is truly awesome I simply couldn t put them down Finished all three in the Energy series in one day Can t wait to see what is up with Wyatt Hayden Megan and Mandy