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  • 320
  • The Dysasters The Dysasters #1
  • P.C. Cast
  • English
  • 12 January 2018
  • 9781250141040

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Read Æ PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook Æ P.C. Cast P.C. Cast Æ 0 Read & download The Dysasters The Dysasters #1 Characters å PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook Foster Stewart knows she's different Her life has never been normal Talking to plants and controlling cloud formations aren't things most seventeen year olds are into Tate Nighthawk Taylor is perfect Star uarterback and all around dreamy boy next door he never thought about his extra abilities What uarterback wouldn't. Okay so this book is literal trash Like you take a break from reading and start thinking it couldn t possibly be as bad as you re imagining and then it is It really is And it is the single most DRAMATIC book I have ever read I m talking 20 pages in and there are multiple tornadoes and half the town is dead dramatic So Much Drama Drahhhhmahh The problem is I actually wanted to know what was going to happen and so I kept reading It wasn t uite bad enough for me to stop And when I finished reading it I closed it put it down and pushed it with one finger as far from me as I could before telling myself I wanted it out of my house But also that burning it was probably a bit extreme And that all the drama had infected me and I needed to chill Look the concept is actually pretty cool it was just really poorly written and the characters were all terrible Foster is a straight up bitch for like three uarters of the book and Tate really doesn t get a whole lot of personality to be honest Why they fall for each other is beyond me Because they re both attractive and happen to be stuck together in the same place Because that s pretty much all we re given It actually makes me never want to reread the House of Night series because I loved those books when I was a teenager and I don t want to think about how they are now Also the illustrationscomics in this were not good I understand it s a superhero book and it s mean to be a homage type situation to comic books but I just did not enjoy them They somehow managed to make very attractive characters uhhhnot attractive Also do Americans really call their granddads G Pa Like is that a thing Also there was SO MUCH swearing And that usually wouldn t bother me except this is meant to be a YA book so it seemed a little overdone I think the point I was like yep that s a bit much was when they started calling the four people chasing them the Fucktastic Four and then proceeded to keep calling them that throughout the rest of the book Just awful Alrighty that s me done I am done thinking about this book and am going to do my best to sear it from the memory I will not be continuing with this series and about halfway through this rant I also decided I was going to downgrade this to a one star so there you go

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Read Æ PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook Æ P.C. Cast P.C. Cast Æ 0 Read & download The Dysasters The Dysasters #1 Characters å PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook D with the elements Which truly sucks for Foster as she has to face the fact that Dr Rick Stewart her beloved scientist father betrayed her and now wants to use her and the others for his own nefarious world domination plot Foster and Tate must stop Dr Stewart and his minions before he destroys their lives and the worl. I really wanted to like this book I love superheroes action stories good vs evilI had high expectations for this story about teens with the ability to manipulate the elements But I m going to be honest I didn t like this book I DNF d this story about halfway through For me the book seemed like a failed attempt by adults to write a book for teenagers It tries too hard and comes off as contrivedTeenagers can be angsty whiny and disrespectful So this story overuses those traits making the main characters almost completely unlikable Teenagers curse So this book overuses curse words sprinkling them in at the wrong time and not using them at the right time For example the main characters call each other names or tell each other to shut the F up constantly but when Foster accidentally calls up a tornado and realizes she can manipulate weather she saysthank you If I accidentally called up a tornado you can bet your sweet bippy I would be saying WTF and most likely several other choice curse words out of complete shock and surprise Other terms like Fucktastic Four douchehawk nightdouche etc can be a great jokeonce Maybe even twice But after multiple uses it just gets old Just too muchbleck I asked my 14 year old to read a couple chapters of this book to see what he thought He said the same thingadults trying too hard to write teenage characters and failing I struggled through half of this story and stopped This book is not for me I voluntarily read an advanced readers copy of this book from St Martins Press via NetGalley All opinions expressed are entirely my own

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Read Æ PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook Æ P.C. Cast P.C. Cast Æ 0 Read & download The Dysasters The Dysasters #1 Characters å PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook Want night vision That's not weird right It's cool But on the night of their first meeting a deadly tornado brings them together and awakens their true abilities the power to control the element air Unbeknown to Tate and Foster they are the first in a group of teens that were genetically manipulated before birth to bon. I received an ARC copy for review I will need some time to organize my thoughts and compose a proper review For now two words breathtakingly badEdit Alright Let me try to explain all the problems with this book as clearly as I can with as few spoilers as possible I currently have a ten page word document with every problem bullet pointed but I don t want to rant that long I think the easiest way to do that is to break it down into categoriesWritingThis book was not well written Not in the technical sense not in terms of narrative flow not in terms of continuity and not in terms of sensibility Some of the technical problems I can take with a grain of salt since this was an advanced copy but everything else is inexcusable in a near final draft Narrative flow was flawed in a few ways but the ones that stand out the most are consistency in narrative voice and consistency in mood When the narrators freuently use words like zillion and conked out it s jarring when a word like fuliginous or susurrus is thrown in This is also a problem of using a million dollar word in a five dollar situation And in terms of mood there were just so many situations were something very serious or emotional would be playing out and we d be given an incredibly childish or asinine metaphor Grief is literally compared to dropping an ice cream cone at one point It really jars you out of the moment and distracts from the story The continuity was an absolute mess Fairly late into a book there s an event with Foster and Tate s powers that is referred to as having happened earlier that day and then as having happened days ago within the same chapter Said event actually occurred the day before The book continually forgets what the characters do or don t know and what they have or have not talked about This leads to situations like Foster and Tate celebrating the idea of being superheroes like it s a new revelation when they ve already had multiple conversations about being superheroes or Foster arguing with Tate because she doesn t like a plan he s come up with when they exposited the plan to each other in depth just a few chapters previously It makes the story eual parts confusing and frustrating to follow because it seems like no one from the characters to the authors cares about what s happening And last but not least a lot of things in this story straight up don t make sense Foster accidentally uses her powers when yelling at Tate while they re pulled over on the highway It s a very very obvious display of control over wind yet not one single person pulls over or reacts or does anything in response to this A plane knowingly flies into an area with a serious hurricane warning in place A football game is not called off during a major thunderstorm A character who dies at the beginning of the book leaves detailed letters for Foster explaining most of what s going on even though some of the details included are information that this person hadn t confirmed until shortly before their death Some of it s little things that are just stupid or too convenient to be believable Others are big holes in the narrative that kind of make the story fall apartCharactersThese characters are not well written or likeable Foster and Tate are the biggest offenders given that they take up most of the narration but there s no character that I particularly like in this book Maybe Mark but his dialogue and narration often felt hollow and robotic Foster and Tate spend a lot of time arguing in the beginning which should make sense given the circumstances This is within the first five chapters so while I won t go too into detail I m okay giving some very light spoilers A tornado touches down in the middle of a football game at which Tate is playing and Foster is watching A lot of people die including Foster and Tate s families Foster knows about the Core Four and knows that she needs to run so she forces Tate to come with her as she steals a truck and flees the state to go to a safe house Foster doesn t 100% know what s going on but she knows far than Tate And yet in the 20 some hours they spend driving to a safe house Foster doesn t explain things to him Worse she gets angry and indignant when he tries to storm off and accuses her of kidnapping him Foster is also incredibly petty From calling Tate out for using past tense when he says he thought she was pretty when they first met to casually mentioning going to yoga to judge people there Foster comes off far strongly as bratty and judgmental than she does as introverted and independent And no these aren t flaws she really learns or grows from Then there s Tate His behaviour is a little understandable given the circumstances but it s still hard to like him when he spends the first half of the book consistently calling Foster a bitch This includes a painful absence of self awareness in the narrative where he praises himself for being raised by a woke feminist mother and then in literally the next sentence refers to Foster as a bitch and a pain the ass The antagonists in the book aren t particularly good at being villains either They spend most of the book doing basically nothing their characterizations are incredibly flat and their dialogue and interactions with each other feel stiff and robotic I can at least say that their motivations do make sense and they aren t evil for the sake of evil but well for one the reason they re broken is a subject for another rant entirely and it doesn t matter how effective their motives are if they never do anything Even in the final confrontation they are the most ineffectual villains ever and basically fail to do anything with their supposedly incredible power Charlotte is an okay character I suppose though she was rapidly progressing in the direction of a one note stereotype in her few chapters Bastien on the other hand is insufferable His narration about his home life makes no sense what the hell does the slick and the silence even mean and immediately upon seeing Charlotte he decides she is an angel who must save his brokenness Because it is romantic and feminist to say that a pretty woman s job is to fix a dark and broken man right Then there s Tate s granddad who is insufferably and incessantly referred to as g pa Is that a regional thing Because I have never in my life used a term like that unironically In any case he s constantly bragging about how amazing and clever he is and despite having a long conversation with Tate about respecting women and women being superior to men he goes on at length about modern football players all being pussies Also he s an example of elderly characters being written in an incredibly unrealistic fashion referring to the internet as the internetathon and airplanes as flying machines WorldbuildingThe most important element of the worldbuilding in this book is the science Too bad the science makes absolutely no senseInserting organic matter into an embryo and irradiating it is not going to create night vision mind control and the ability to control matter Especially not when the matter you re inserting into the cells is O2 which already exists inside cells Also it s not organic organic matter is carbon based The same holds true for inserting H2O into cells to create water powers The different ways the powers work doesn t make sense either They don t fully manifest until eighteen Why Hoes does that work What happens at the age of eighteen that triggers that onset and how can you be sure it will happen precisely on the patient s eighteenth birthday And how does power of air result in mind control or night vision and why did Foster and Tate have these abilities well before they turned eighteen How would the member of the Core Four who controls air be at risk of disappearing into his computer because of his powersWeather is a super important part of the story too especially as it relates to the characters powers and it s completely botched Tornadoes are pretty clearly identified as the storm connected with air but hurricanes are connected to water Tornadoes and hurricanes are both cyclones meaning they re both windstorms A rainstorm ice storm or snow storm would make far sense as the type of weather most strongly connected to water The addiction in the story also makes no sense since it essentially amounts to an addiction to healing crystals Moreover discussion of a possible overdose doesn t seem feasible The ismsAs far as I can confirm there are five black characters in the book They can be summarized as follows the big mama the washed up addict the living drug the help and the sassy best friend All of them are also described in increasingly ridiculous ways They are never just black or brown or dark skinned nor do they ever just have brown eyes or dark eyes Instead they re coloured with umber and deep henna and leaf brown and Tiger Moth brown and fertile earth brown The term Nubian princess is even used multiple times Cora presents a particularly egregious example through this description of her voice the spicy calmness returning to her voice creamy and rich with a little kick like Mexican hot chocolate pg4The way this book presents gas station or rest stop clerks is interesting It only happens twice but each time the message is the same and is very clear They re fat stupid sexist and gross This is very much presented as a package deal And then there s the way the book handles mental illness The Core Four are presented as basically being crazy because their powers are unbalanced It doesn t seem like any conventionalexisting treatments have been attempted They re crazy and the only way to fix it is to get the other elemental experiments for Doctor Rick so he can do Sciencetm There are also little moments leaning into this same idea When Foster says something that Tate can t make sense of he offhandedly comments in the narration that maybe she needs meds and counseling This is clearly intended as an insult Later when Foster is clearly struggling with dark thoughts after seeing another tornado possibly an indicator of PTSD or a similar trauma response she instantly has her beauty drain from her Because mental illness is always outwardly and immediately uglyThe way addiction is handled and understood is similarly terrible A conversation on this subject can basically be summed up as suggesting that if the addict won t uit the only solution is to kill them so you can be free of them YeahArtI m not opposed to including art in a book I think it can add an interesting dimension and could be fun to play and experiment with This book however does not do this well in any regard First of all the art is for the upcoming graphic novel adaptation That means the art is specific to that graphic novel not this book so it has it s own continuity This leads to things like the in text description indicating that Foster is wearing a sweater with the name of a high school printed across it and her hair tied back in a high top ponytail but the art shows her in a plain zip up sweater with a hat on The art is also inserted into the book terribly At least half of the images spoil events on the next page And the formatting problems don t stop there Handwritten pages are included at one point and they re all split up so it s one page of text one picture of text one page of text one picture etc even though the three pictures represent a set of pages that are supposed to be read together Moreover the text on these images doesn t even match the lines drawn on the page The pages are also smudged by rain but it s done in such a way as to be laughably unrealistic so that whole lines are blotted out in the middle of the page while surrounding areas are completely unaffected RomanceTate likes Foster because she s pretty Foster likes Tate because he s hot They have no chemistry That s the romance It appears that the same thing is going to happen between Charlotte and Bastien PlotIt started off with a bang and then once they reached the safe house ground to a halt Foster and Tate aren t really doing anything The villains aren t really doing anything Everyone sits around and talks for like a hundred pages Half of that is spent on the forced romance between Foster and Tate Anything that might have resembled a compelling plot is ruined by poorly written characters terrible pacing and nonsensical worldbuilding I know this doesn t seem like the brief version of my review but trust me It is I could rant for days about everything wrong in this book I ve only just skimmed the surface Suffice to say I do not recommend this book to anyone