(E–pub New) [The Terrible Hours The Greatest Submarine Rescue in History] by Peter Maas

  • Paperback
  • 288
  • The Terrible Hours The Greatest Submarine Rescue in History
  • Peter Maas
  • English
  • 28 March 2019
  • 9780060932770

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Peter Maas Î 4 Summary Read ✓ PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook Î Peter Maas The Terrible Hours The Greatest Submarine Rescue in History Summary â 104 Ore their ultimate fate would depend upon one man US Navy officer Charles Swede Momsen an extraordinary combination of visionary scientist and man of action In this thrilling true narrative prize winning auth. This was an interesting and at times very exciting and harrowing story It was also uite dry at times The beginning was so filled with names and titles that it was hard to keep track of Once the accident happens it gets much better but was still written in a matter of fact and unemotional way While I felt terrible for all involved I never really got attached to them I like non fiction better when it reads like fiction Still I m glad I read thisI learned a lot about submarines and deep sea diving and a lot of the changes that came about due to this historic incident

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Peter Maas Î 4 Summary Read ✓ PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook Î Peter Maas The Terrible Hours The Greatest Submarine Rescue in History Summary â 104 On the eve of World War II the Sualus America's newest submarine plunged into the North Atlantic Miraculously thirty three crew members still survived While their loved ones waited in unbearable tension on sh. Sir The engine rooms They re floodingIn May of 1939 a submarine named the Sualus sank to the bottom of the North Atlantic Maas s book recounts the thrilling story of the crew s rescue using an ancient technology updated to serve a modern purpose Aristotle s diving bell 4th century BC Charles Momsen s diving bellI saw this one mentioned in Mary Roach s Grunt The Curious Science of Humans at War It s undoubtedly one of the HOLY CRAPpiest books I ve ever read The story is tense and action packed as everything that can go wrong does during the rescue effortsThe book finishes with the repeated attempts to raise the Sualus not uite as thrill a minute but still fraught with danger and potential disasterRecommended to anyone looking for a good real life thriller that leaves you gasping Undisputed hero Momsen demonstrates his Momsen Lung device

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Peter Maas Î 4 Summary Read ✓ PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook Î Peter Maas The Terrible Hours The Greatest Submarine Rescue in History Summary â 104 Or Peter Maas brings us in the vivid detail a moment by moment account of the disaster and the man at its center Could he actually pluck those men from a watery grave Or had all his pioneering work been in va. Peter Maas is an old style reporter He is from the school that demands creating stories from the facts at hand This book is a history but it does not read like one This story moves along at a 30 knot clip and demands your attention to the details of this incredible and almost unbelievable rescue storyMaas actually developed this story from an article about Charles Swede Momsen he previously published in the Saturday Evening Post in 1968 At that time as he explains it the story was or less overshadowed by many of the historical events of 68 Not to mention that a story about World War II hero was not exactly great reading during the tumultuous war protester years of the 1960 s The last thing that people wanted to read about was a war hero from the previous generationThe author only recently returned to his old story because he felt that people are much responsive to the Saving Private Ryan and Greatest Generation heroism He is correct though I hope to God it is not a passing fad There is so much that this generation and those to come could learn and benefit from reading about Swede Momsen and people like him It is a great story of perserverence and never giving up on your ideas and dreams Many of the deep sea rescue techniues and submarine safety issues can be directly tied to Charles Momsen s efforts nearly 70 years ago It seems very strange to be reading about this story and the rescue of the survivors of the Sualus during its 1939 disaster and then reflecting on the Russian submarine Kursk that just sunk in the Barents sea last month With all the bureaucracy that Swede Momsen had to fight through just to get his diving bell built or create a team of expert rescue divers that could be used save the lives of sailors trapped in a steel coffin it s understandable how the Russians and the entire Soviet bureacracy was never able to develop the forsight towards rescuing their own downed subs Instead they relied on someone else s technology which no doubt may have cost them valuable time One may never know However this story is a great depiction that during rescue efforts when time is essential it is necessary to have a forward thinking individual like Swede Momsen on your side Someone who is not afraid to try new ideas and with a lot of hard work and pushing the right people in the right places he can make sure his ideas will become reality His efforts and his diligence was what saved the thirty plus survivors of the Sualus It was also these same efforts that would make it so future submarine accidents simply did not happen Who knows how many future lives were saved This is that type of story You will be inspired and it is a great story to tell all your friends about That sometimes one man can make all the difference